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Critics accused ICE of entrapping students with a fake university — but the agency is releasing undercover footage



Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released undercover video footage of foreign nationals apparently acknowledging the illegality of a fake university, a rebuke to criticism that the school fooled students who simply wanted a legitimate education.

ICE on Friday released undercover footage of potential students being interviewed for The University of Farmington, a fake school in Michigan created by U.S. federal agents to catch foreign nationals committing student visa fraud. The video also included a statement by Derek Benner, the acting deputy director of ICE, reiterating that each potential enrollee was told the school had no actual classes or teachers.

“Anything is fine, but my status should be maintained,” said an unidentified male on the video in response to an interviewer telling him Farmington had no classes.

“You know this is not legal, right? So it has to kind of stay between us, right?” the interview said to the man. The individual, whose face was blurred to protect his identity, acknowledged the question in the affirmative.

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