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Damascus criticizes the US Secretary of State for “weeping” over the Syrians, accusing him of lying


The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, in which it described the meeting of the UN Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Syria as an outburst of US and Western hypocrisy against Syria.

The statement said that the US Secretary of State, “Anthony Blinken” summarized the components of hatred and color blindness that the current and previous American administrations suffer from, and stressed that the hypocrisy, misleading and lying in the speech of “Blinken” has no limits, not befitting to a country that considers itself great and occupies a permanent seat in the Security Council.

The Foreign Ministry statement described the approach of representatives of Western countries, led by “Blinken” as inhuman, unconstructive, and diplomatic pathetic, considering that the Western political discourse had turned into an outdated ideological discourse, and its allegations were inspired by the sick hallucinations of “Blinken” mourning over the Syrians.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the new American administration, which claims to support the political solution in Syria, is simultaneously imposing sanctions on the Syrian people, killing innocent people and causing all forms of violence, injustice, starvation and willful impoverishment, after the “international coalition” led by “Washington” destroyed the Syrian infrastructures.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement directed questions to the US administration saying, “Is the political solution morally consistent with the American forces’ occupation of lands on the Syrian Jazeera and in al-Tanf region ? Is it morally consistent with the Americans’ stealing of Syrian natural resources such as oil and wheat, which causes living crises for Syrian civilians? Is the political solution morally consistent with the US forces continued cooperation with ISIS members and transporting them from one place to another by US helicopters? Is the political solution consistent with the American and its European allies, the Turks and others protection of al-Nusra front and Hurras al-Din terrorists in Idlib?

The Syrian Foreign Ministry concluded its statement advising the US Secretary to demand himself and his administration not to politicize humanitarian aid to Syria, actually work on combating terrorism and pushing the Syrian-Syrian political solution forward.

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