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Dave Chappelle Is Returning To Netflix To Host And Produce Four New Comedy Specials


Dave Chappelle is returning to Netflix to host and produce four new comedy specials following an outcry over his comments about the LGBTQ community in his last special on the site, “The Closer.”

“I’ve been doing this a long time and comedians like [comedian Earthquake] and Donnell [Rawlings] are not only friends but have inspired my own career,” the 48-year-old comedian told the Hollywood Reporter in a piece published Friday.

“Anyone in the comedy community knows these names and knows their time to shine is long overdue,” he added. “I am proud to be a part of this moment.” (RELATED: ‘No One Can Be Woke Enough’: Dave Chappelle And Joe Rogan Rip ‘Woke Ideology,’ Defend Elon Musk)

The series, titled “Chappelle’s Home Team,” will consist of Chappelle introducing different comics like the comedian known as Earthquake, Nathaniel Martin Stroman, Rawlings and more. The one thing all the comedy stars have in common is that they’ve all been in the stand-up business for at least 30 years, the outlet noted. (RELATED: ‘Gender Is A Fact’: They’re Not Going To Be Happy With Dave Chappelle’s Latest Bit On Trans Culture)

Chappelle is also the headliner of a performance for the streaming site’s epic 11-day comedy festival at the Hollywood Bowl titled “Netflix is a Joke: The Festival” which kicks off April 28. The event features rockstars in the world of comedy like Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Chelsea Handler, Margaret Cho, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr and dozens more.

Chappelle previously responded to the backlash over his last stand-up special on Netflix by explaining it was about “corporate interests” and what he “can say” and “cannot say.”


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