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David Einhorn: “Elon Musk Should Resign” Over Solar Panel Scandal


Tesla short seller David Einhorn has remained mostly mum over the last several quarters, despite Tesla stock plunging since the beginning of 2019. But given the “explosive” (pun very much intended) new details of Tesla’s most recent solar panel shitshow controversy, Einhorn has finally broken his silence in a big way.

On Twitter Friday Einhorn called for Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk to resign, citing the massive cover-up of faulty solar panels that ultimately led to seven fires at Walmart locations and a lawsuit filed earlier this week by Walmart, against Tesla. 

“How many solar panels are still defective and could cause fires?” Einhorn asked. “A recall should have happened long ago. Elon Musk should resign.”

How many solar panels are still defective and could cause fires? @Tesla should

immediately notify the people who live in and work in buildings at risk. Secret

Project Titan is over the line. A recall should have happened long ago @USCPSC.

@Elonmusk should resign.

— David Einhorn (@davidein) August 23, 2019

“You shouldn’t have to be Walmart to have your dangerous solar panels fixed,” he continued.

Tesla stock plunged in early trading on Thursday after the Tweet. 

As we reported earlier today, Walmart claims that Tesla only inspected 29 of more than 240 sites with Tesla solar roofs on them up until the day of the lawsuit. However, on Thursday night , it looks as though Musk may have been doing even more damage control, as the two companies released a joint statement regarding the lawsuit:

“Walmart and Tesla look forward to addressing all issues and re-energizing Tesla solar installations at Walmart stores, once all parties are certain that all concerns have been addressed.”

“Together, we look forward to perusing our mutual goal of a sustainable energy future,” the statement continued. “Above all else, both companies want each and every system to operate reliably, efficiently, and safely.”

We also asked the question: what did Tesla offer one of the world’s largest retailers as a concession in order to get them to play ball and release a statement like this?

We’d love to say that we “can’t wait to find out”, but given the fact that the massive solar panel disaster with one of Solar City’s most well known customers was never disclosed or filed in an 8-K, we’re not holding out hope.

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