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Delingpole: Ironically, London’s Anti-Democracy Brexit Protesters Have No Idea What Fascism Actually Is


If Boris Johnson is a racist, fascist, Nazi what does that make actual racist, fascist, Nazis?

This is a question probably beyond the intellectual capacity of the hundreds of unemployables, malcontents, and cry-bullies who turned out in London and elsewhere over the weekend to protest against what you and I might call the eminently justifiable prorogation of parliament…

This is what the protestors over the weekend insisted was a Nazi-like ‘fascist prick”’ dictator’s ‘coup’ against ‘democracy.’

That’s because having mostly been to ‘Uni’ and having read something like Racism Awareness or Tree Hugging and Transgender Toilet Studies — most likely at either the London School of Economics (LSE), the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) or the University of Easy Access (UEA) — they will have had every last vestige of common sense and critical awareness educated out of their tiny skunk-addled brains.

WATCH: Green Politician Arrested at London Anti-Boris Protest https://t.co/dxquGBG3Nw

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) September 1, 2019

The rest of us might find it a bit much to compare the genial, optimistic, leader of a democratically elected government – [cue typical Remoaner loon: “Ah. But so were the Nazis”] – to the kind of regime responsible for the death camps and a war that killed 50 million people. But that’s Remoaners for you: never knowingly understated.

Let’s be honest though, these people are our friends. If Labour’s sinister Trotskyite John McDonnell weren’t up on stage ranting about ‘privatisation’ and Boris’s banker mates in the City (I’ll bet in his imagination they all have hooked noses) making a ‘fortune’ in speculation; if that sourfaced, dark-haired girl in the fck t-shirt weren’t reading off her iPhone her considered statement that “Boris is a fascist prick”; if Owen Jones weren’t doing his usual angry, worked-out teddy-bear, John Lennon’s Imagine meets Das Kapital, fist-pumping demand for a world where “Every little girl has her own baby unicorn provided by the government” (or some such); if it weren’t for all the banners saying “Fuck Fascism”, “RIP Democracy”; “Block Brexit” , “Defend Democracy” etc, then where would be?

We might almost find ourselves in the awkward position of feeling slightly sorry for these people; sympathetic, even; wondering if they had a tiny sliver of a point.

Happily by their behaviour and their utter inability to come up with a remotely coherent argument to make the case for Remain, all they’ve done is remind us how completely wrong they are and how even more amazingly, totally right than ever we could possibly have imagined we on the Leave side of the argument are.

That’s why whatever constitutional tricks Boris Johnson pulls this week to screw over the Remainers and stop them frustrating Brexit any longer, he’ll have our fullest support. This rabble ranged against him – the Wankerati, such as Gary Lineker, Professor AC Wailing, JK Rowling; the has-been politicos from Phillip (“just remind us who you were, again, will you? It’s clean escaped my mind”) Hammond and Andrew (“who the f***s he, anyway?”) Adonis to David “Brain of Britain” Lammy; the rent-a-mob crowds of unemployable Environmental Studies graduates – aren’t remotely representative of where Britain is heading. They’re just a sad, unwanted, fading legacy of the failed, self-hating, degenerate, Blairite Britain we’re about to leave behind.

We owe these people nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

They call us fascists. We think: “Losers who don’t know what fascism means.”

They call for a General Strike. We think: “Well given that none of you have jobs, how is anyone going to notice?”