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Dem Rep. Castro: Trump’s ‘Erratic’ Foreign Policy Endangering the Nation


Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) said the United States was “less safe” under the foreign policy of President Donald Trump, who he accused of being “erratic.”

Castro said, “The foreign policy of this administration, of this president—also the way they handle national issues before and after John Bolton—have been erratic. He was the third national security advisor that President Trump has had, and now he’ll have a fourth and no president before, I think, has had four national security advisors. He demonstrated a very erratic approach to national security and to foreign policy. The United States is paying a price for that.”

He continued, “We are less safe. North Korea is closer to a nuclear weapon than ever before. That includes further development after President Trump went and met with the North Korean leader. There seems to be no coherent strategy with respect to either Afghanistan or Iran. The president, for whatever reason, has surrounded himself with yes-men and yes-women like Mike Pompeo who don’t challenge him at all. If there is somebody that’s independent and challenges him and does not fit in perfectly with these folks, then he gets rid of them.”

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