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Dem Rep. Ruiz: L.A. County Mask Mandate ‘Appropriate’ – I Think CDC Will ‘Reconsider’ Guidelines


On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-CA) said that Los Angeles County reinstating their indoor mask mandate for all people, regardless of their vaccination status, is “a responsible move.” Because unvaccinated people haven’t been wearing masks and that he believes the CDC will “reconsider” its masking guidelines.

Ruiz said, “In L.A. County, specifically, I do think it’s a responsible move. Because there’s been a lot of unvaccinated folks that haven’t been wearing their masks, and in order to make sure that they, as well as vaccinated, wear their mask, then I do think that it’s important, right now, especially since their cases are starting to rapidly rise.”

He added that “when you’re starting to see a rapid surge or a massive public health threat and you want to simplify things in order to help individuals and stores to best protect the spread of the virus, this Delta virus, then this is a[n] appropriate approach to incrementally increase your precautions, once again.”

Ruiz further stated, “We’re starting to see a rapid surge in hospitalizations and deaths due to the Delta virus. And I do think that the CDC will start to reconsider their guidelines. … [S]o, right now, it’s a little too early to make those assessment[s] for the entire nation, but I’m sure the CDC is going to keep a close eye, and if we do see these deaths and hospitalizations, then I do think that they will reconsider.”

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