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‘Democrats Are Just Living In A Fantasy World’: Republican Sen. Says Dems Are Denying ‘Reality’ Of High Inflation


Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said that Democrats don’t “understand” the “reality” of high inflation and are simply “living in a fantasy world,” during this week’s episode of Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

White House Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain retweeted a post Wednesday referring to inflation as a “high class” problem.” The senator told the show’s host, Maria Bartiromo, that Democrats “deny reality, and the reality is high inflation primarily affects retirees and the working poor or any poor person.”

“The rich, you know, people can handle inflation,” he said. He said they will “figure out the right places to put their money.”

This 👇👇 https://t.co/ymh53nEHAg

— Ronald Klain (@WHCOS) October 14, 2021

Johnson maintained that “it’s the poor, people on a fixed income, that are incredibly hurt by inflation,” while the assets of the wealthy, “will inflate with the rest of inflation.”

“Unfortunately, it always sounds good when the federal government is sprinkling around benefits,” he said. Such as “free college and free childcare and free pre-k. All this stuff is not free.”

“As Margaret Thatcher famously said, the problem with socialism, and that’s what Democrats are doing, putting us on this path of socialism, is sooner or later you run out of other people’s money, which means you start coming after the money from the middle class,” the senator concluded. (RELATED: Psaki Says Surging Prices Are ‘A Good Thing’ When Cornered By Jake Tapper)



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