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DHS Chief: Nationwide Lockdown Not Under Consideration


Chad Wolf refutes reports that martial law coming to U.S.

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf rebuked reports that the federal government is considering implementing a nationwide lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

In an interview on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Wolf called reports of an impending martial law scenario “absolutely false.”

“We’ve seen a number of reports and I’ve personally gotten contacted a number of times about text messages or these screenshots going around that say ‘I know someone at DHS and they say we are going to have a national lockdown or a national quarantine.’ I would say that’s absolutely false. That’s not true,” Wolf told host Maria Bartiromo.

Not only are the reports false, he says, but that they’re part of a “disinformation campaign,” possibly from Russia, to sow discord.

“And it is part of a disinformation campaign,” Wolf continued. “And what we know is whether it’s Russia or whether it’s other cyber actors they like to sew discord on any controversial issue. It doesn’t have to just be elections. It’s any issue and we’re seeing that now with the coronavirus.”

“So what I would say to the American people is don’t believe it, don’t pass it along. And get your information from trusted officials like state officials and your federal officials,” he added.

But reports of a coming nationwide lockdown don’t only come from hearsay on social media.

POLITICO obtained internal Justice Department documents Saturday showing the department asking Congress for sweeping new unconstitutional emergency powers, including the ability to ask judges to indefinitely detain American citizens – a precursor to martial law.

Additionally, following most states declaring a state of emergency, California, Illinois, and New York have imposed “shelter in place” orders, and New Jersey and parts of South Carolina have imposed 8PM curfews last week.

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