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Disturbing Video: Drag Queen Strips for Kids in Library


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Man disrobes in full view of children

Disturbing footage out of a library in King County, Washington, shows an adult male disrobing and floundering on the floor in full view of children.

Drag Queen strips for kids in the King County Library… pic.twitter.com/P39BI89NT8

— zyntrax (@zyntrax) October 4, 2019

In the following video, local media admits Drag Queen Story Hour is part of a “programming” agenda to indoctrinate children into gender fluidity.

“Drag Queen Story Hour is a literacy program.” pic.twitter.com/jnx92Z6puS

— zyntrax (@zyntrax) October 4, 2019

And this compilation shows the clown world normalization of drag queen story hour aided by the media – and the sickening virus is spreading across America because real men and women don’t stand up and say “no.”

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