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Dr Fauci maintains innocence, but the noose is tightening [Video]


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a Washington, D.C. insider for many years. Wikipedia has a glowing entry about him, amazingly devoid of the controversy the man is currently in as his known support for gain-of-function research on viruses has come back to bite him hard with COVID-19’s rampage around the world. This of course is a reason to never trust Wikipedia on anything of political significance in the present time, because the writers of entries on such people and topics will be biased, and Wiki allows liberal / Democrat bias because of its own tendencies to the same worldview.

However, his actual history as a government “medical expert” is controversial. He is highly criticized for his response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and his response has often been categorized as “botched” by the conservatives of today, or simply ignored by the liberals of today. History provides objectivity with the passage of time, and propaganda provides a way to try to manage history that those in power do not want others to know about. Hence, the Wiki entry looks as it does, whilst critics have a very different view.

Last week, as we covered here, Senator (and opthamologist) Rand Paul really hammered Dr. Fauci (a physician and immunologist, specializing in internal medicine) on the document trail showing that he authorized money to be sent from the National Institutes of Health to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to do research on the gain-of-function of bat coronaviruses.

It is believed more and more widely that SARS-CoV-2 was one of the results of that research, and that this virus at the very least, escaped from the lab and began its course around the world in the COVID-19 pandemic which is still disrupting nations and people’s lives, everywhere.

Because of this, it is also circumstantially proven that Dr Fauci helped to facilitate gain of function research on coronaviruses, as this has been shown in the money trail and in the evaluation by doctors outside the “chosen” peer group that declared Fauci’s involvement was not gain-of-function.

The doctor is under fire and this is increasing. Fox News reported this new development Sunday:

Rep. Madison Cawthorn says he stands by his criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci after the doctor appeared on Fox News and rebuked Cawthorn’s suggestion that legal action should be taken against Fauci.

“Dr. Fauci broke his oath,” Cawthorn told Fox News. “Not only his oath in Congress, but his Hippocratic oath as a doctor, to do no harm. I stand by my statements, and justice will be served.”

Earlier in the week, Cawthorn had referred to Fauci as a “punk” and a “pawn” of the communist Chinese government while also accusing him of lying to Congress.

Fauci responded during a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto and asked, “where do you come off talking about criminal things and conspiring with [the CCP]?”

Cawthorn explained to Fox News the specific laws that he believes Fauci violated after testifying to Congress under oath that no “gain of function” research was funded by the United States at the Wuhan lab, which several Republicans, including Sen. Rand Paul, believe was a lie.


“U.S. Code sections 1621 and 1001 of Title 18 are the two relevant legal standards at play here,” Cawthorn said. “Section 1621 states that anyone who ‘willfully and contrary to such oath states or subscribes any material matter which he does not believe to be true’ is guilty of perjury and shall be fined or imprisoned up to five years, or both. Section 1001 stipulates that ‘whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the government of the United States, knowingly and willfully” falsifies or conceals information, including before a congressional committee’s inquiry, may also be fined or imprisoned up to five years.’’”

Sen. Paul agreed with Cawthorn’s conclusion and filed a criminal referral against Dr. Fauci based on reports that the U.S. government spent money on gain of function research at the Wuhan lab in question.

“Well, I think it’s important to know that Dr. Fauci has a self-interest in obscuring any relationship or responsibility for anything done in the Wuhan lab,” Paul said on Fox News earlier this week

“Without question, the evidence we presented in committee yesterday shows that the NIH was funding research in Wuhan. We showed the exact numerical series of numbers that goes with the grant numbers. So yes, they were funding the Wuhan lab.”

Fauci has continued to adamantly deny misrepresenting the gain of function research to Congress.

“I never have a regret about telling the truth, or about doing my job,” Fauci said Friday.

While the truth must be exposed about this situation, America and world must be honest about what the results will be even if Dr. Fauci is arrested, convicted in court guilty as sin and thrown in jail for the rest of eternity:

This will not change the problem. Fixing the blame never does this. It might give us access to information that will help us solve the COVID-19 problem, but based on the behavior of the virus itself as well as the sycophantic media eager to proclaim apocalyptic doom over and over (or the opposite – anything to keep people stirred up!) this virus is the best cash cow to come along since Donald Trump. It is a lot more ugly and deadly than Donald Trump, but it causes a lot of buzz and a lot of very bad journalism all over the world.

This is tragic because underneath all the bad journalism and blame throwing is a real problem. Thank God it still does not appear to be an “End of Days” issue, but it is a political nuisance and the cause of a lot of power plays and abuse of many people all over the world.

A recent newspiece from Russia started to discuss the Gamma variant (Gamma is the letter just before Delta in the Greek alphabet, but the “Gamma” variant is rising in the news cycle now as Delta’s time in the spotlight is waning), and the article was surprisingly honest. Of course, in Russia, sometimes honest journalism does appear, even when the government tries to encourage “propaganda put to good use” as happened recently. Here is a translation of that piece (errors and emphasis both mine):

Scientists respond to the data on the infectivity of the Brazilian strain [of COVID-19] among vaccinated people

Scientists recalled that there is no complete guarantee against infection after vaccination, but the disease will be easier than in unvaccinated people. At the same time, experts agreed that so far too little is known about the gamma variant of the coronavirus.

So far, too little is known about the gamma variant of the coronavirus – the so-called Brazilian strain – to draw unambiguous conclusions about its infectivity among vaccinated citizens. This was stated by experts interviewed by RBC.

Earlier, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the results of a study by scientists from France and Guiana, which say that the infection rate of the gamma mutation of the coronavirus among the vaccinated reaches 60%, with a 75% infection rate among the unvaccinated. Scientists obtained this information by examining a group of gold miners in Guiana. Most of the workers were vaccinated against the coronavirus, but the team nevertheless had an outbreak of COVID-19.

The researchers emphasize that they did not expect such a low effectiveness of the vaccine against the Brazilian strain.

“Any virus can break through the immune system. It’s just that if the immune system is not at all ready to meet with it, then the damage will be stronger, ” Larisa Popovich, director of the Institute for Health Economics at the Higher School of Economics, told RBC. – If a person is vaccinated, then either he will be able to repel the attack, or if the virus breaks through, it will cause little harm. Therefore, no one has ever denied that all vaccinated are 100% protected. ”

She also stressed that the effectiveness of vaccines, “at least foreign”, is declining due to the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus.

“New strains appear from time to time. Not that they are inevitable, but with a high concentration of the virus, it is possible, – explained the virologist, professor at Moscow State University, Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexei Agranovsky. – The changes are random, and those mutations that are beneficial to the virus are “selected” – in this case, it is increased infectivity. Or avoiding the vaccine affects: in many countries there is a vaccinated background, and the virus “selects” such options [that can infect even the vaccinated].”

This is not good news on several fronts. While the scientist interviewed promise that a vaccinated person will have fewer problems with Gamma than an unvaccinated one, the nature of this virus to mutate in such a way that a vaccine doesn’t stop it cold hearkens back to the interview with Dr. Buttar last year that indicated research being done to develop a “chimeric virus that would be resistant to any form of vaccine.”

That very important interview is saved by many of us, as YouTube keeps pulling it. Here is the present iteration:

No matter what the case is, the fixing of blame on Dr Fauci (if indeed it rests with him), may seem like a wonderful step, but the more important matter is that of truly examining the virus and finding the best way to treat those sickened by it. Further, a true vaccine (if it is even possible to develop) that is safe and which does not use aborted fetal cell lines or genetic alteration, would be most welcomed by many of us.

However, in my uneducated medical opinion (I am no doctor, not even close), judging from the thoughts of many honest doctors who have spoken, it seems the best course is to develop therapeutic means of dealing with the virus, and thankfully, some very good work has been done on that all over the world. We also need a political and messaging approach that is sane. We cannot expect this, but this is needed. In the absence of sane political messaging, it falls to each one of us to use our God-given brains and hearts and think this situation through for ourselves – what is right and what is wrong. Paramount, in my opinion, is liberty to refuse any treatment or vaccine for any reason.

In light of what COVID itself keeps showing us, it would seem that the liberty to take or refuse any vaccines is simply logical, since the vaccines are being proven ineffective. I wish I could take an easier stance, but without more information it is impossible to do so.

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