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‘Dumping Cash Into Central America’ Isn’t Going To Help The Immigration Crisis


Vince Coglianese and Jason Nichols debate the broken immigration system amid Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Central America during a new episode of Vince and Jason Save The Nation.

Nichols argues while Republicans try to curb illegal immigration, there are negative consequences, such as farmers in rural red states losing their labor supply. But Coglianese argues the current immigration system allows illegal workers to be “exploited” in the name of humanitarianism.

“We’ve created this underclass in the United States and then we’re told that’s the humanitarian approach. It’s not, these people are being exploited for their labor and then American citizens are left out.”


The Biden administration recently announced plans to send $861 million to Central American countries in order to address the root causes of migration. Among the countries slated to receive aid are El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, according to the proposed 2022 budget.

“Our comprehensive strategy to address the root causes of migration will involve significant commitments of U.S. government resources to support the long-term development of the region – including efforts to foster economic opportunity, strengthen governance, combat corruption, and improve security,” the White House said. (RELATED: Trump Goes After Democrats For ‘Gross Incompetence,’ Says He Might Go To Southern Border Himself)

“I just don’t think this works,” Coglianese argues. “I just don’t think that we’ve ever seen any evidence that dumping cash into Central America is going to mitigate the migration flow.”

Harris is busy visiting Central America to address the “root causes” of migration.

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