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Elon Musk’s Slumping Media Sentiment Is Leading Tesla’s Tumbling Stock Price


To say that it has been a rocky year for Tesla stock so far would be an understatement. 

Just days ago, we noted  that Tesla has become the most profitable short bet in the U.S., according to BloombergAs Tesla’s stock has plunged more than 30% this year, short sellers have netted a massive $2.75 billion in mark-to-market gains. 

We also reported days ago that in 2018, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein gave an interview wherein he stated he was working with Tesla to help them find a new board Chair, linking him to Tesla and Musk. 

And prior to today, there was no real way to track sentiment about the company outside of its stock price. With this in mind, WhoCanFixMyCar.com created an interactive dashboard showing how the actions of Elon Musk on Twitter and in the media affects the stock price of Tesla in real-time. (Well, every 30 minutes)

By hovering over each white dot you can see what exactly was trending in the media or on Twitter that day, as well as the increase or decrease in stock price. Over the last few days for example, you can see how Elon’s media sentiment has taken a nose dive since Tuesday when rumors came out in the media that Musk had allegedly been involved with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the chart’s creators, here’s how it is calculated:

  • Twitter Sentiment: We collect the first page of tweets that mention Elon Musk or @elonmusk and run them through a sentiment analysis algorithm, which in turn tells us if people are speaking positively or negatively about him taking into account over 3,000 words.

  • Media Sentiment: Similar to Twitter sentiment, we collect the first page of articles from Bing News and run them through a sentiment analysis algorithm to show if the media is talking about Elon Musk in a favourable or unfavourable way.

  • Stock Prices: We use an API to provide live stock price updates every 30 minutes. The figures included are the actual US $ change.

Watching what we believe will likely be the company’s impending collapse – as well as Musk’s personal collapse, which we predict isn’t far off behind – is now the easiest it has ever been.