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Emails linking Joe Biden to Ukrainian corruption appears to be official “October Surprise” [Video]


When the first news came out in the New York Post that a laptop computer left by an inebriated Hunter Biden contained e-mails implicating Hunter’s father, Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden, as having lied about having no involvement with Ukraine, it was difficult to ascertain if this story was going to take off.

We published a piece I wrote a few days ago noting how Facebook and Twitter both went into open censorship of this New York Post piece, triggering calls for subpoenas to be served on Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, the CEOs of these two enormous social media platforms.

To date, Adam Schiff, the crazed Democrat US representative from Anaheim, CA who sees Russian interfering with the greens this vegan politician consumes daily, is seeing those wascally Wussians doing their latest “disinformation” campaign with this story.

Of course, the DDI, John Ratcliffe, simply says this is not true. He ought to know; he has been going through the mess that the American intelligence services have been with a fine-toothed comb to root out the causes of the first “wave” of the “Russian Collusion / Russiagate / Everything Bad Is Russia’s Fault” campaign, only to find that this was a Hillary Clinton Production.

To date, CNN is still silent about this story. Here is the network’s splash page as of 9:06AM Eastern Time:

about a “mute” button being installed for the debate this Thursday to prevent the candidates’ interrupting one another.

(This might result in the cancellation of this debate, too, but that is speculation. My guess is that President Trump will find another way to press his points. I think he can.)

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