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EU Court reaches for control of EU member state militaries



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EU Court reaches for control of EU member state militaries

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perhaps they will now dictate daily menu, frequency of personal higene, and the daily crap quota ???

those commie bastards can get fucked any time they want ?

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Overall very sharp, but the present situation stems from The Single European Act ( !986-7 ), not the late 1960s. The SEA superceded the Treaty of Rome and enabled activist judicial decisions from the “European Court of Justice”. From then on they would claim to interpret decisions in the spirit, not the letter, of the Treaty of Rome.

Lady Thatcher was later to say that she regretted she had agreed to the SEA and that it was the biggest blunder of her political career. She was right.


My multi-national employer ensured that reporting structures spanned continents, from layer to layer, in order to minimize outbreaks of empathy between the rulers and the ruled.


As Spike Milligan once said when being late for his posting…..

“I’ll make it up to you sir, I’ll fight nights as well”


Brussels has long wanted and been quietly working towards an EU army, or defence union as they prefer to call it. UK Column did good work on this. These little incremental power grabs are just a tiny part of thier big picture I think. Perhaps getting soldiers used to taking orders from new bosses.

At the end of the day soldiers will complain but they will do what they do best. Follow any order regardless of morality or legality. So long as they are still being paid and are told they’re the good guys


The Generals won’t like this a bit.Sooner or later a pushback, to put it mildly, is inevitable.


So the European Court of Justice is telling member states that their military personnel are workers and their working time is to be regulated by Brussels, except when they are in a state of war or something like that? It will complicate things enormously. It will weaken the member states’ armed forces and increase Europe’s dependence on the US as a provider of security and so increase its subordination. Perhaps that is the intention.  


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