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Excellent citizen journalism as SpaceX enthusiast calls out Orwellian Government [Video]


YouTube has gotten into the practice of silencing dissent against Joe the Evil Grandpa, also known locally as “The Imposter”, and dissent against Kama-ha-ha-ha-la Ha-ha-ha-hystericarris (How is this title?) as well as silencing President Trump himself and his supporters. A recent piece I posted about President Trump’s reemergence into the public spotlight has likely been shadow banned, for even sharing it to the usual places has only drawn it some 25 views in four days’ time. This is remarkably and suspiciously low.

That silencing happens for publicly published videos. However, YouTube has other means of video dissemination. Linked to Kevin Hehmeyer’s public channel, “SpaceXCentric”, which provides excellent coverage of Elon Musk’s dashing adventure as he develops his Starship and other projects, there are also links to “unlisted” videos, which do not circulate in YouTube’s “public region” but are absolutely available to the interested viewer if he or she knows the video’s direct link.

Here, he weighs in on the actions of the NSA, which is allegedly (I only write that for legalistic fairness; they are ACTUALLY doing this) spying on Tucker Carlson’s program and its crew. A whistleblower who told Mr. Carlson this added proof by sending to Mr. Carlson some of his group’s own e-mails that were gleaned off the Internet ether.

Kevin calls it spot on. Joe Biden’s evil Grandpa Imposter Regime is making use of full-on Marxism and Orwellian practices, and the unfortunate consequences of the Patriot Act’s abuse is now being directed on one of the few American journalists that really wants to bring the truth to the public.

Kevin’s means of doing this is notably clever. By embedding these “unlisted” video links in YouTube’s videos, he may be well able to keep his paying channel running, while getting the word out and sliding it past YouTube’s screeners and brownshirts.

Great job, Kevin! God bless America, the land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE!!

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