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Exclusive: GOP Congressional Candidate And Decedent Of Slaves Rejects Identity Politics


In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller’s Caitlin McFall, Republican congressional candidate for the 7th Congressional District of Texas, Wesley Hunt says, “I absolutely despise identity politics I hate looking at somebody and just assuming what their political affiliation is going to be based on their gender or the color of their skin.”

“What I want to do again is shift the conversation from the name calling, xenophobic and racist conversations.”

Hunt is running against freshmen Democratic Rep, Lizzie Fletcher saying, “What I want to point out about Lizzie Fletcher, is she has voted with Nancy Pelosi 51 out of 51 times, 100% of the time.”

“She ran in this district as a moderate…You cannot have a Representative that’s going to do whatever Nancy Pelosi wants you to do, when she wants you to do it. That’s not representing this district at all.”

Rep. Fletcher was the first Democrat to take the 7th Congressional District seat since 1967, when George H. W. Bush took office.

Even though Texas is known for being a red state, taking back the blue district that houses Houston, will be no small feat. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Sanders Co-Chair Talks To The Daily Caller: ‘The Political Elite Has Not Worked For Many People’)

The policies that Hunt has been campaigning on are hot button issues for democrats, which include finding a free market solution to affordable healthcare, securing the southern border and focusing on Houston’s energy jobs.

“The biggest message that we can push forward right now is preserving the oil and gas industry, that is the number one thing that we can do.” Said Hunt.

“I think that making the argument as being a pro oil and gas, and making sure that we are good stewards of our environment – that’s important. But also understanding that there is a way to do that, and a way that doesn’t destroy our economy here in Houston. And I think a lot of Independents get that because quite frankly, they’re involved in some way with the oil and gas industry.”

The Republican primary for the 7th congressional district in Texas is March 3rd.

Tune in to see what Wesley Hunt has to say about running for congress during this political climate.