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EXCLUSIVE: Peter Strzok Lawsuit Reveals He Had 28 Year “On Paper” Army Career While Working At FBI & CIA


Peter Strzok who’s been acknowledged as the former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division and was fired on August 9, 2018, filed a complaint on Tuesday August 6, 2019 alleging that he was fired due to political rhetoric and the Trump administration’s unrelenting pressure which violates two constitutional amendments.

Peter Strzok’s complaint alleges that his anti-President Trump speech was protected by the First Amendment and that the FBI did not offer him due process under the Fifth Amendment by denying him the right to appeal their decision to fire him. In addition, his complaint claims that his “private” texts were leaked illegally.

This move by Strzok is very strategic and clever. His complaint may be successful (outside of public purview) because his “career identity” cannot be exposed and therefore he may actually be awarded compensation due to the classification of his actual career.

Strzok’s lawyers formulated great arguments at face value, but the devil is in the details. In his filing, Strzok discloses information about his career that may or may not have been public. Substantiated source statements when LauraLoomer.us contributor Tore broke the story over a year ago about Peter Strzok’s early life and his father’s covert government career, their close ties with the Clintons, and ultimately Peter Strzok Jr.’s actual career identity is further evidence that he is a covert operative.

His complaint further reinforces the publicly available information about what his role working for the federal government really was. Strzok is not your average FBI agent. In his complaint, he claims to have a 28-year Army career with no rank up. How does someone remain in service for 28 yrs and NOT rank up in 24 years?

According to his records, he achieved O-3 within his alleged 4 year Active Duty term but didn’t rank up in over 24 years. As a reservist, also known as “weekend warrior”, he could work in his military post for one weekend a month and he would’ve had at least ranked up once in 24 years.

Exclusive to LauraLommer.us from our confidential sources from Ft. Campbell, we are told that Strzok was terminated from duty last month, July 2019. “In other words, he never really worked here or was part of the 101th Airborne Division” said one of our confidential sources.

In other words, his military career was only on paper, just like his FBI career.

The BLP insider who’s worked with both Breannan and Strzok tells us that Strzok was never FBI, he was part of the highest level of covert operatives, sliding into posts within the CIA or FBI to infiltrate, influence and observe. This is exactly what we saw with the Special Counsel appointment that resulted after a failed operation.

EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime

Here is a 12 page document that identifies Peter Strzok as a CIA agent and not FBI when he was assigned to Hillary Clinton’s case in respects to her email scandal. See Page 3.

His “paper only” termination from his alleged Reservist career disallowed him to claim military retirement benefits that he relied on, as FBI retirement benefits were not provided due to separation code. Technically, Strzok was eligible for the benefits under an alleged 1993 agreement with a specialized division of the intelligence community, but it was not honored. Thus, this complaint is being filed in retaliation to the CIA breach of contract in respects to his benefits that were NOT honored by the US Army last month .

Perspective: Strzok was CIA not FBI

Demonstrated in the aforementioned article , Strzok’s father was part of a specific intelligence unit technically housed by the CIA that remained quasi independent that participates in the most top-secret operations of which almost all require Presidential Authorization. Almost ALL agents hired into these roles are military to some degree. The division is coined : CIA SAD (CIA-Special Activities Division) . People attached to any SAD unit have absolutely no Personnel File on record UNLESS they hold a federal position at the time of their detachment from their unit. In this Time Magazine Article, a CIA agent mentioned SAD making the unit’s existence public as well as their comparable status to Special Forces.

Agents of such units are selectively recruited and are preferred to have little time in service. It’s a well know fact that the Intelligence Community does NOT prefer veterans, specifically the CIA. Military service reinforces patriotic and moral standards that may hinder covert missions.

How do they recruit?

Potential recruits enter any branch of the military and undergo specialized testing under the guise of basic training and are usually recruited during their AIT (Advanced Individual Training). They provide them various advanced intelligence training at various military organizations world-wide to fulfill their new job requirements along with the prestige of clandestine status and broad TS/SCI clearance (Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information). Groups within CIA-SAD are comparable to TIER ONE groups like Special Forces, hence the direct recruitment, and execute the most Top Secret missions across the planet.

CIA SAD (Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Division) has two subdivisions.

CIA SAD-PAG (CIA Special Activities Division-Political Action Group)

Strzok’s father was a PAG (Political Action Group )operative. PAGs execute the most covert operations that deal with political influence, economic warfare, and/or psy ops. An example of their activities is what Strzok’s father accomplished in Iran and Africa, which is now public knowledge.

Strzok’s father was in Iran when the Iranian regime that has been reigning for 40 years was installed. Iran-Contra was the doing of the CIA-SAD PAG division. In addition, Strzok Sr.’s most “successful” mission and very unknown to many was the dismantling of the African nation “Upper Volta” in 1985, changing it’s name to Burkina Faso. Strzok’s father was assigned to an African nation then called “Upper Volta” during the time of mineral disputes with bordering countries. His successful mission lead to new borders being drawn and the nation of Burkina Faso came to be while Upper Volta dissolved into history.

Yellow cake uranium deposit territories located in Niger a neighboring country to Upper Volta were seized and incorporated in the newly formed nation Burkina Faso. Northern Ghanian borders were reduced and made part of Burkina Faso, which housed extensive mineral and precious metals. Mali’s southern territory was also incorporated in the new nation of Burkina Faso where the Bank of Africa was founded. Curiously, the Bank of Africa houses the largest account for the Clinton Foundation. It also sponsored and met with members of Congress last week who visited Ghana. Notably, last month’s “Africa Initiative” by Barack Hussein Obama was also sponsored by the Bank of Africa!

Strzok Sr. also wrote a column in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 1986. In it, he described visiting the Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Gambia to “see the condition of the crops.”

Peter Strzok Sr.

CIA SAD-SOG (CIA Special Activities Division-Special Operations Group)

This division is not like any other. These individuals have “cover jobs” as civilians and or federal employees when they are NOT actively on a mission. As in the case of Strzok, a phony FBI role was created for his mission to bail Hillary Clinton out of the email mess she was in that lead to the discovery of his covert status. SOG agents don’t wear uniforms and execute operations that are unlike any other. The missions they execute are those missions the US Government does not want to be directly associated with. There is usually NO WAY to directly associate these Paramilitary Operations Officers (PMOO) or Specialized Skills Officers (SSO) to the US Government. In the case of Peter Strzok Jr. they were sloppy because it was poorly planned and they never thought Hillary would lose.

It is important to note that most recently, the CIA has been advertising job positions for PMOOs and Clandestine Positions which infers that alternative divisions in the intelligence community may have been created under an alternate guise or agency to execute such activities and operations.

Strzok’s Complaint Will Result in “Casualties”

Strzok’s compliant exposes the most covert division of our intelligence community and may allow the courts to block access of information to DOJ officials, the House, and the public due to the level of clearance required as per the Mueller investigation, but casualties will begin to appear. Brennan, Comey, Mueller, McCabe and many more may be charged with higher crimes than simply leaking or flapping their mouths on TV.

Strzok’s complaint has ignited conversations, and has lit fires under the chairs of the highest level of intelligence divisions. Shining a light onto Strzok’s career may assist us in deciphering who initiated and authorized the Russia Hoax, assisted and authorized the compilation of the fake dossier, and in turn “caused” the accidental retention (illegal surveillance) on then private citizen Donald J. Trump and all those in his orbit from as early as December 2014.

Possible Outcomes

Most likely outside of a courtroom, Strzok may be entitled to some compensation and or retirement benefits if he can PROVE he followed direct orders. Such orders would have come directly from James Clapper or John Brennan by order of then President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama, or directly from President Barack Hussein Obama. If Strzok can demonstrate that he was provided direct orders from those aforementioned who are the only people who have the authority to do so, then the CIA is in breach of contract. If he doesn’t, then he will not be eligible for compensation as per his “retirement” benefits agreed to when he was recruited.

Inevitably, this complaint will also facilitate delays where AG Barr may hold off releasing information and possibly delay the public access to unredacted FISA applications and warrants used to spy on the Trump campaign and private citizens. Prosecutions currently pending under seal by various US attorneys across the US may be delayed by the courts if Strzok has any involvement in those investigations.

Strzok’s firing after negating a reprimand and demotion agreement initially offered and agreed to by Strzok indicates that the Trump administration may have no intention in retaining the CIA as it is. Gina Haspel is the Director of the CIA. It is common knowledge that she was the coordinator between GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters- the equivalent of the CIA in the UK) and the US counterparts in creating and perpetuating the phony dossier. Rand Paul was aware of this and sent her a letter asking her about her involvement and or knowledge.

Notably, Robert Hannigan, the former director of the GCHQ (he resigned January 23, 2017) came to Washington in July of 2016 where he met with Brennan and Strzok where they discussed the dossier and presented it to therma-band loser, former Senator Harry Reid.

In late fall/ early winter of 2016, Brennan, Page, Strzok along with two other individuals (not Priestap according to Page testimony) went to London to meet with Hannigan and then Chief of Station Gina Haspel, who is currently the Director of the CIA.

Gina Haspel was the Chief of Station of the MAIN overseas CIA installation, which is housed in the GCHQ building. The odds of Haspel not being looped into the dossier discussion and its creation, especially when she met with Strzok, Brennan and Page are slim to none. It will soon come light that Strzok was the “chief editor” of the dossier so Haspel has some explaining to do.

Below are unconfirmed photos allegedly of Brennan, Page and Strzok in London during the time of their visit that have not been confirmed. Notably, during her testimony, Lisa Page was advised not to answer the questions of WHO traveled with them to London in the fall/early winter of 2016. This street cam photo is located a few blocks away from the GCHQ building that also houses our main offshore CIA station.

For someone who claims to be a Special Agent in the FBI, Strzok seems to be working very closely with US and foreign intelligence units.

Was Strzok the Clinton Fixer?

Using caution as always, it is important to note that AG Barr and Strzok Sr. worked together in the prosecution of Noriega during the MENA cocaine fiasco that the Clintons and Bushes were at the center of.

Furthermore, Strzok’s father and the Clintons have strong ties by way of their NGO work both in Africa and Haiti. Strzok Sr. was working with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti as the Director of the Catholic Relief Services.

The strong ties and long standing collaboration of the Strzoks and Clintons make the case as to WHY Strzok Jr. seemed to find himself as a Supervisory, Observer and or active component of all scandals surrounding the Clintons.

Almost like their personal fixer.

Enron: Oversight of SEC DATA for Foreign Enron Registrations (His wife works for the SEC) RE: Clinton Energy Management Services

Uranium One– Dept. of Treasury 2012 -2016 (CIA Assignment) Here is evidence of him “advising” another covert asset of his division   Priya Aiyar of the development of his concurrent assignment Mid Year Exam (Clinton Emails) communicating in the capacity of FBI Section Chief. Why would the Uranium One counsel need to be advised not to comply with FOIA?


In his LHM (Letterhead Memorandum), Strzok reminded Ms. Aiyar not to comply with any FOIA and also noted that any known information received cannot be used and or cited due to  “potential compromise” that was identified from a FOIA request.

ToreSays: Clinton Fix: Uranium One

Benghazi: Annex communications pertaining to Benghazi : Lead Investigator (CIA) Peter Strzok Jr.

Mid Year Exam: Lead Investigator into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Presidential Elections 2016: Phony Russia Dossier / FISA applications and Warrants

Special Counsel Mueller Team: Investigating President Trump for Russia Collusion based on phony Russia Dossier he helped compile.

This lawsuit was the last Hallelujah Strzok had to ensure some stability in his late years, especially if and when he is prosecuted for his crimes. Maybe ask for immunity to sing? In addition, this complaint signals those still in a position to “help him” know that he has no qualms of taking them all down with him.

This is a developing exclusive LauraLoomer.US story.

Tore is a nationally syndicated talk radio host that airs live M-F 12-2PM EST on Red State Talk Radio and a contributor for LauraLoomer.US.

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