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Exclusive — TX AG Ken Paxton: Biden Administration Is ‘Willing to Let People Die of COVID or Drug Overdoses’


The Biden administration knowingly contributes to the injuries and deaths of thousands of Americans through its imposition of policies that reduce border security, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton noted on Thursday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with special guest host Jerome Hudson.

Insecurity along the southern border caused by the White House’s conduct increases the number of Americans killed by drug overdoses and COVID-19 than would otherwise be the case, Paxton observed.

He stated, “There’s no doubt that the Biden administration knows that their policies — whether it’s related to not stopping the drug trafficking or whether it is the spread of COVID, on purpose, around the country — knows that people are going to die.””

“The whole point of getting rid of the Remain in Mexico program is to allow people to come to this country, and then supposedly have a hearing someday and never show up,” he added. “That’s how it was being done under Obama, and President Trump fixed that.”

Paxton described the Biden administration’s negligence as “criminal.”

He remarked, “All of these policies are not accidents, or like, ‘Oh, they didn’t know what they were doing. The federal government was just incompetent.’ No, this is what they want, and the idea that they’re willing to let people die of COVID or drug overdoses — knowing that this is going to happen — is, to me, criminal, and yet they get away with it, because they know they can’t be impeached by Congress. Congress will never impeach them. It doesn’t matter if half the country died. They would blame it on something else.”

Paxton said, “The reality is they are contributing to the deaths of thousands of Americans on purpose and they’re getting away with it. The American people need to understand this is no accident. This isn’t like, ‘Oh, we just aren’t good at doing this.’ This is like, ‘No, we’re good at doing this, and we’re doing it on purpose.’”

Paxton addressed the decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to remove authority from the state attorney general to prosecute election law violations. If the decision stands, he warned, Texas would become a “one-party” and “Democratic state.”

He stated, “[Joe Biden has] had failure after failure, and they’ve been purposeful failures. He’s taken the heat for it, because people know it. And so [Biden’s] best solution is, ‘Let’s move to [a] one-party country.’ So if you can create laws where fraud is just part of the system — like it is in California or other states like that, where you don’t have a two-party system and you never will, because it’s always going to be rigged — the reality is [Biden thinks] that would be great for all these other states, too.”

He went on, “They don’t have to worry about people not liking what they’re doing, because they don’t have to worry about elections. They just get elected. Certainly … this Criminal Court of Appeals decision in Texas is the backway door of doing exactly what Joe Biden is trying to do nationally. They have come in here through the back door and pushed through a court decision that would do exactly what Joe Biden wants, which is a one-party system in Texas.”

“Frankly, if they get that in Texas, we will have a one-party system in the country,” he concluded, “because we won’t win elections nationally, ever again. We won’t win statewide in Texas anymore. It will be a Democratic state.”

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