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FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Trump Supporters Greeting Joe Biden When He Arrived In Allentown, Pennsylvania, In July?


An image shared on Facebook over 4,400 times allegedly shows supporters of former President Donald Trump greeting President Joe Biden when he visited Allentown, Pennsylvania, in July 2021.

Verdict: Misleading

The image shows Trump supporters greeting Biden in Dallas, Pennsylvania, in October 2020, not Allentown in July 2021.

Fact Check:

Biden visited the Allentown area on July 28 to promote his administration’s “Buy American” proposal, according to local NBC News-affiliate WGAL. The Biden administration recently proposed a rule that would require products bought by the government to be made up of 75% of U.S-made components by 2029 to be considered “made in America,” USA Today reported.

A viral image shared on Facebook July 29, the day after Biden visited Allentown, shows a crowd of cars and dozens of Trump flags. Text in the image reads: “Biden visited Allentown, PA and look who showed up to greet him!” (RELATED: Did A Prague Newspaper Publish An Article Calling Joe Biden Supporters Fools?)

While the photo is genuine, it was not taken during Biden’s recent trip to Allentown. Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found the picture published by Getty Images in October 2020, saying it was taken in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Dallas is about 71 miles away from Allentown.

“Supporters of President Donald Trump line the road as the motorcade for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden makes its way to a drive-in campaign rally at Dallas High School on October 24, 2020 in Dallas, Pennsylvania,” the Getty Images caption reads.

Genuine photos of Biden’s visit to Allentown posted by WFMZ-TV News do not show any image similar to the one shared in the Facebook post. Around 100 Trump supporters on the route of Biden’s motorcade shouted and waved Trump flags in protest of Biden’s trip, according to The Morning Call.

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