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Family Dollar Store Cashier Tells Alleged Robber ‘Not Today’


A cashier at a Family Dollar store in Bradenton, Florida, was not about to let an alleged robber get what she wanted on Sunday night.

A report by the Manatee County Sheriff’s office said Brittany Rodriguez, 27, entered the store and after she picked up a few items, approached the counter and pointed a knife at the cashier.

“Not today,” the cashier reportedly said as another employee locked the door and waited until police arrived at the scene.

Deputies said that when they entered the store, Rodriguez dropped the knife on the floor. She was then ordered to get on the ground and taken into custody.

In 2017, a similar instance occurred when a Subway cashier in Warren, Ohio, refused to hand over the contents of the store’s cash register.

Cellphone video captured by a fellow employee shows Cathy Stafford as she stares at the robber.

“Why are you doing this, man?” she asks him. “Open the f—— register,” the robber responds.

Stafford then tells him to “Get a job,” and moments later he takes the tip jar from the counter and exits the restaurant.

“I guess, some people just have that courage, here and there,” Stafford told reporters. “I don’t know what took over me. I guess sometimes I do things I shouldn’t do. And I speak — just, whatever comes to my mind, it just comes out.”

Stafford’s fellow employee, Sierra Harper, said at the time that in a way, the robber was caught.

“Because everybody’s seen this video and people have said that they know who he is, so,” Harper commented.

In February, a convenience store employee in Ontario, Canada, thwarted an attempted robbery by throwing a banana at the suspect.

Newsweek reported that when the suspect approached the counter and demanded money, the employee “defended themselves by striking the suspect with a banana.”

The report said no one was inured during the incident. However, the “banana had some minor bruising,” said Const. Akhil Mooken, the media relations Officer for Peel Regional Police.