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Father Charged with Cruelty for Making Daughter Sign Contract to Never Get Fat


A British dad is facing charges for forcing his daughter to sign a life-long contract promising to never get fat.

Fitness-crazed dad Rachid Khadla, 56, has been hit with child abuse charges for forcing his children to engage in a strict fitness regime, including forcing his daughter to sign a contract vow never to get fat, according to the New York Post.

Court documents show that in 2012, Khadla’s daughter, Amira, signed a pledge reading, “I, Amira Khadla, will never let myself get fat. I will do lots of exercise to make sure I will never get fat, even until I die.”

Officials say that the man also beat and abused his kids. It is alleged that he hit his daughter with a spoon, punched her, and even threw a chair at her. He also controlled the girl’s life, determining who she could see, what she could wear, and what she could watch on TV.

It was also alleged that Khadla abused his sons as well. Khadla is also said to have beaten his youngest son, Hicham, who has a learning disability.

“He punched Hicham to the chest a number of times and then pushed him onto his sister’s bed,” prosecutor Alex Krikler alleged.

“He then placed both hands around his neck and strangled him for quite some time — five to 10 seconds — before pulling him up, punching him to the chest, and walking away,” Krikler added. “Hicham had tried to say ‘stop’ but had been unable to speak.

“He could not breathe, and although the marks left by the strangulation were relatively minor, the incident was extremely frightening,” Krikler exclaimed.

Hicham apparently had enough of the abuse and told his mother and friends at school. The boy’s admissions eventually led to his father’s troubles with the courts.

Krikler went on to describe more of the abuse that Hicham reportedly suffered.

“His father would make him put his hands out and would smack the palms of his hands with a wooden spoon. He also described how his father would push and punch him and on occasion throw things at him,” the prosecutor said.

“The abuse was not just physical. The defendant would also threaten extreme violence, that he would ‘splatter his brains across the ceiling and kill him.’ His father would tell him that he was weak,” he said.

The man’s eldest son, Karim, also testified to his father’s actions, “the control, the temper and the violence.”

Khadla’s wife said she agrees with her husband’s prosecution and noted he has always had a “quick temper.”

For his part, Khadla claimed that he struck out at his youngest son “in self-defense.” He also denied any abusive behavior and said he only engaged in typical parental actions such as spankings. Khadla denied all the charges against him.

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