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Fiasco marks start of Defender-Europe 20 in Poland


Hardly had the first U.S. column arrived in Poland on February 28 than a new scandal over Poland’s preparation for Defender-Europe 20 broke out. U.S. Army Europe’s top military officers show lack of restraint and burst with outrage making nasty comments about their Polish counterparts.

“Taking into account perfect organization for the exercise that we saw in Germany we did not expect to encounter numerous problems here in Poland. The situation is just fatal. The rest points were not equipped properly and our soldiers had to virtually sleep on the ground after the long march. There are also complaints of poor provisioning from our soldiers which is more of a puppy chow, they say,” U.S. Army Europe Deputy Commanding Maj. Gen. Joe Jarrard assessed.

U.S. Army Europe’s Chief of Staff German Brig. Gen. Hartmut Renk also made some remarks: “I can say for sure that 12th mechanized brigade commander Brig. Gen. Dudczak failed to organize either technical or logistics support. Chaos and disorder are all around. Materiel and inventory supplies do not meet the needs of U.S. soldiers. Maintenance support sites are not equipped. There’s not enough fuel at fuel storage depots. It’s ridiculous that we have to bring our own gasoline and gas oil from Germany.”

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