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First Trailer For ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ Season 2 Released


The first trailer for season two of “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” was released by Amazon on Saturday.

As you all know, I was a gigantic fan of the first season. I thought it was incredible from start to finish with John Krasinski in the lead role, and I’ve been desperately waiting for details about the new upcoming episodes.

The plot of the new season, according to Amazon’s description, is as follows:

After tracking a potentially suspicious shipment of illegal arms in the Venezuelan jungle, CIA Officer Jack Ryan heads down to South America to investigate. As Jack’s investigation threatens to uncover a far-reaching conspiracy, the President of Venezuela launches a counter-attack that hits home for Jack, leading him and his fellow operatives on a global mission spanning the United States, UK, Russia, and Venezuela to unravel the President’s nefarious plot and bring stability to a country on the brink of chaos.

Judging from the trailer, we’re in for a very wild time. Give it a watch below. It’ll have fans of the show going wild.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the exact release date, but at least we have a look at season two, and it looks damn good.

The formula for this show to be successful is incredibly simple. Give us plenty of action, give us plenty of suspense, throw a few curveballs our way and fans will stick around for the long haul.

That’s what happened in season one, and it looks like season two shouldn’t be any different.

I honestly can’t wait for the new episodes to get released. You can go ahead and inject them straight into my veins.

Keep checking back for more updates on “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” season two. You know I’ll be keeping you guys up to date on everything about the hit Amazon Prime show.

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