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Force Of 300 Police Officers Arrest Quadruple-Murder Suspect After Days-Long Manhunt, Not A Single Shot Fired


Authorities in South Carolina have managed to successfully nab a murder suspect wanted for four killings Monday morning without resorting to violence, despite a days-long manhunt involving hundreds of officers.

The arrest of 26-year-old Tyler Terry brought an end to a massive search that began with a car chase and involved more than 300 law enforcement officers in the state, according to WYFF-TV.

The manhunt began around 11 p.m. May 17, when cops asked a “suspicious vehicle” to pull over. The driver, Terry, disobeyed the order and fled police, firing multiple gunshots that hit two police cars, FOX News reported.

TAKE A LOOK: @ChesterSheriff sent us these photos of Tyler Terry in custody. The sheriff told us Terry spoke to him about feeling good healthwise, despite being out for seven days. @WBTV_News pic.twitter.com/Gcao7SQ53c

— Morgan Newell WBTV (@MorganNewellTV) May 24, 2021

When the chase ended, Terry abandoned the vehicle and run away, leaving his girlfriend Adrienne Simpson within. Police arrested Adrienne and began the 7-day-long hunt for Terry.

Police told WYFF-TV that one reason Terry managed to evade arrest for such a long time was that he was homeless and lived in the woods.

“Tyler Terry is in custody. No shots were fired by any party. Everyone (including Terry) is safe,” the Chester County Sheriff’s Office announced on Twitter following the arrest.

Terry is wanted for four homicides, according to FOX News. The most recent murder for which Terry is a suspect was the killing of Eugene Simpson, who, according to WBTV, is his girlfriend Adrienne’s lawfully wedded husband. Eugene’s corpse was reportedly found on Thursday.

Terry is also suspected of being behind a Missouri double homicide and a murder in York County, north of Chester County, South Carolina, FOX News reported. (RELATED: Footage Shows Wild End To High-Speed Police Chase Involving 5 Juveniles)

People praised law enforcement for the nonviolent arrest in response to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office’s announcement. “Thankfully no gunfire was exchanged and everyone can go home to their families! Great job to our law enforcement!” wrote one user on Twitter.

Another user wrote, “South Carolina officers actually showing the rest of the nation how to do it. Well done.”


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