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Foreign military against population of Poland and the Baltic States


The virtual summit of the heads of state of the Bucharest Nine (B9) was held on May 10.

The agenda of the high-level meeting covers the preparations for the NATO Summit that will be held in Brussels in June, with a focus on consolidating the transatlantic relationship and of the allied stance on the Eastern Flank.

The debate between Presidents of Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia was also focused on the situation in Belarus considered as horrifying.

Most likely, such attention is caused by the joint strategic military exercise Zapad-2021, which will take place in September this year in Russia and Belarus. The Polish authorities, including NATO, are well aware that the maneuvers are defensive in nature and are not directed against other countries.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the ways to distract Polish society from its own real problems caused political and social crisis in Poland.

Though the real collapse of the Polish economy, social protests that have lasted for many months, a crisis of power, a catastrophic situation with the pandemic these problems were not even mentioned in President Andrzej Duda’s speech in Bucharest.

At the same time, the Polish authorities performed a dubious feat, using the Polish Army against peaceful demonstrators. If the situation in Poland will develop according to the same scenario, PiS will do everything possible to maintain power at any cost, even using U.S. troops against its people, women and the elderly. This scenario could for sure be adopted by the Baltic States, as well as by many European countries because such steps have become common for the authorities nowadays.

In case of any internal protest or military conflict the only part that will suffer from the presence and the use of military is population. People are always “collateral damage from hostilities” in any war, conflict or protest. Let’s have a look at victims of today’s protests in the U.S., France, Israel. History knows a lot of examples of how many non-combatants were killed during the WW2.

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