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Former ‘Apprentice’ Erin Elmore Hits SoulCycle In MAGA Gear As Liberals Threaten Boycott


Former “Apprentice” participant and Trump 2016 campaign surrogate Erin Elmore pushed back on liberals calling for boycotts of SoulCycle by showing up at the Philadelphia location — with friends — in MAGA gear.

Elmore spoke with the Daily Caller after her Monday trip to the cycling hotspot, saying that she had invited several other Trump supporters to join her but had heard nothing back prior to her arrival. Several other ladies also sporting their own MAGA hats and Trump shirts were a pleasant surprise, she noted.

Elmore documented the visit on Instagram and explained that because this was her regular SoulCycle location, she had called ahead to let managers know she was coming and that she would be wearing Trump gear. “They said, ‘Erin, we know you,’” Elmore told the Caller, indicating that no one was really surprised she might do that.

Elmore’s plan was to show America that SoulCycle was, at its heart, a place of inclusion. “You don’t know the politics of the person you high five after a hard ride,” she explained. “And that’s cool.”

She was responding to calls from a number of prominent liberals — including model Chrissy Teigen, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski — who had very publicly canceled their membership to SoulCycle upon learning that business owner Stephen Ross had planned to host a Trump campaign fundraiser. (RELATED: SoulCycle Owner Faces Backlash For Throwing Campaign Celebration For Trump)

“It went very smoothly,” Elmore told the Caller after their visit. “Everyone was really nice except for two ladies who just said some things under their breath, you know. And one of them had a big tattoo that just said ‘Be kind,’” she laughed. “So the irony was not lost on me.”

Elmore also noted that, just in case things happened to go sideways, she had brought her own security along. “They made some money, we had fun,” she said. “It all worked out. And everyone turned out to be really nice about it.”

A New York City SoulCycle location hosted a fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.