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Former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese: The Clinton Email Investigation Was A ‘Sham’


Ed Meese, who served as the U.S. Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan, said the Clinton email investigation was the “worst scandal the FBI has ever had” during an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

Meese described the exact process through which the investigation should have been carried out, starting with professional investigators and ending with a review by the Attorney General:

Well, the so-called investigation of Hillary Clinton and her illegal use of a server was handled in a very different way than anything I’d ever seen in the Department of Justice. Normally, the process would be if there was a serious accusation of someone in a high governmental position, it would be turned over immediately to the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice.

It would be done by professional investigators in the FBI, it would be supervised by, again, a high-level official in the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. You would normally have a Grand Jury impaneled, you would normally have all of the witnesses testify before the Grand Jury and testify under oath, and then, ultimately, the Department of Justice lawyers would make an initial determination as to whether they should seek an indictment from the Grand Jury, and that would ultimately go through the various processes in the Department for review, initially by the Public Integrity Section lawyers, then by the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division, ultimately by the Attorney General himself, and then you would determine one way or the other whether you would go forward.

“None of that was done in this case,” he argued.


Meese also indicated that FBI Director James Comey would not be involved and the FBI would not have a hand in deciding whether or not to prosecute the subject of the investigation — they would merely present the available evidence to the DOJ. (RELATED: Comey Softened Language In Hillary Memo Even After CIA Officials Called Her Emails ‘Problematic’)

“It was nothing less than a sham investigation in which a high-level official at the Department of Justice — namely, the director of the FBI — literally threw an investigation,” Meese said. “This is the worst scandal the FBI has ever had.”

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