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Former Redskins Safety Defends Trent Williams Holdout, Accuses Redskins of Mishandling Injuries


The Washington Redskins are under heavy fire from the team’s former safety, Su’a Cravens, who went to Twitter to defend his former teammate offensive tackle Trent Williams, who is holding out from training camp.

Several reports in the last month have led fans to believe that Williams has even demanded a trade, because of the way the team’s medical staff handled a growth on his head during the offseason. (RELATED: Dwayne Haskins Listed As 3rd String Quarterback On First Redskins Depth Chart)

2 years later and I’m still fighting the Skins on something they’ve continued to do countless time . Which is why the best tackle in the game refuses to play for them now. Same reason I left. Mishandled injuries and withheld info. All evidence points to them being guilty!

— Va-Cay ???????? (@iammsuzy) August 12, 2019

I will continue to fight this case and as the Skins continue to call countless irrelevant witnesses to buy time and hopefully wait me out from their due fate . I will not settle no matter how much the Skins drag their feet on this . They know they’re guilty!

— Va-Cay ???????? (@iammsuzy) August 12, 2019

During the time I was put on the exempt list the Skins went out of their way to cut my insurance off, froze my payments, refuse to pay me and even recoup pay. All for a very real injury that THEY decided was made up. Which is why people fear being hurt in the league.

— Va-Cay ???????? (@iammsuzy) August 12, 2019

Cravens also had disagreements with the Redskins medical staff during his own tenure. As a 24-year-old safety with a ton of potential, Cravens left the Redskins before eventually being traded to the Denver Broncos where he currently plays.

The reason for the departure was related to a possible post-concussion syndrome developed from the sport, according to Cravens’ agent Fadde Mikhail.

This is the last thing the Redskins need right now as they’re trying to focus on rebuilding the team’s roster around rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Players around the league are seeing this situation and taking note for future free agency plans.

Trent Williams is arguably the best tackle in the entire league and is still extremely valuable, even at 31-years-old. The seven-time pro bowler was expected to protect either Case Keenum or Haskins heading into the season, but the chances of him taking the field are looking bleak.

The Redskins are now backed into a corner with both the medical staff and Trent Williams. The team can either trade Williams or fire the staff.

The worst part is that if the Redskins do opt to trade him, it would look terrible in the locker room and they’re unlikely to get good assets in exchange, due to teams knowing the Redskins are desperate.

With the Redskins in shambles, the Giants still starting Eli Manning, and the Cowboys struggling to come to contract terms with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, the NFC East is being set up perfectly for the Philadelphia Eagles.