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Former White House physician tweets Red Flag with Biden



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Former White House physician tweets Red Flag with Biden

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Just gonna leave this right here for ya. Make of it what you will.

Just gonna leave this right here for ya. Make of it what you will.


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Patricia P Tursi, PhD.

It was quite evident that he had brain damage, probably vascular dementia before he ran. Everyone knew about the plan to put Kamala in, but I didn’t think about the two year mark. Makes sense. I did a lot of disability evals and case workups for attorneys and it was obvious that he was being used and had diminished capacity. Can’t figure out why his wife participated and didn’t shield him. But then maybe Biden insisted. Whatever, he should not be in the president role. We are living in crazy times.

Miracle Worker

I used to watch that program ‘Kukli’ in the 90’s. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if an American version surfaced, out from under the MSMs fat thumbs.


I have said before how disgusting this is Alex. The poor man has lost every shred of human dignity since he “won” the election in November. I can only guess that his wife is party to the deception and quite frankly, I despise her for it. As for his feckless son, he too is helping to destroy his father in the eyes of the public by his inaction to support his father properly, just as much as his own sordid behaviour has. If I had treated any of my patients in the manner that Mr Biden has been, I would… Read more »

Rainbow Gallery

‘Feckless Son’ is too busy making art history with his colorama spin spittoon to dabble in any more graft, er… politics. scusi.

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Jimmy Chan

Number One Feckless Son vely hard to find in smoke-filled Opium Den. China warm up to big revenge for Opium Wars now. Princely Andrew next now in oriental sights.

Helga I. Fellay

Biden hardly deserves compassion – he never showed any for his victims. And he is probably still conscious enough to know he is being used, and he is on board with it. He may have bartered to keep his criminal son from being prosecuted for his crimes, who knows.


DNC = The American Politburo at its lowest.

Jen Psakikapoulis

The President is fine, both physically and mentally. We have it by an anonymous horse’s mouth that Putin disguised himself as the presidential flight caterer and threw a banana peel on the steps, as befitting his malevolent self. We were ready to debate him before that but quickly realized after that stunt that Putin would just be throwing verbal banana peels into the debate, so who needs that? We’re a serious country, not a slip-slap stick routine.

British Secret ServicUS

Our secret Russian junior detectives are busy making big stories about how sick Putin is and how he’ll drop dead any minute, so hang onto your hats everybody. We just hope they don’t burn Moscow before we get there.

Mutant British Strain running amok

Mutant British Strain running amok

Haven’t you guys been regurgitating that same story for years now? How about a little variation?

Smoking Eagle

It’s hard to tell fiction, fact, sarcasm, and comedy apart these days, but surely BritishSecretServiceUS must be joking. The guy’s comment reminds me of the time President Putin went missing for 11 days and the global media behaved like ants in an anthill stirred up with sticks, and running around inventing the most extraordinary stories. He never let on where he’d been. All he said to the press when he emerged was, “It would be boring without gossip.”


Well – the USA has now what the people votet for! Isn’t it? This Nation is out of controll! Dangerous for the whole globe! But the USA is not alone, the EU is in in the same state and China develops to the same ignorant, arrogant and dangerous bully and thief!

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