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From Banning Films To Flags: How 2020 Became 1984 In America – Live Show


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Robert Barnes provides unique political analysis Monday-Thursday from 7-9 PM CST.

On this Tuesday transmission of American Countdown, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes will be joined by Dave Lugo, producer of of the hit documentary Hoaxed. The pair will discuss Trump’s decision to stop funding WHO, the renewed debate over the 10th Amendment, the continued trampling of Americans’ civil liberties and much more.

Remember, tune in from 7-9PM Monday-Thursday to get cutting edge analysis from @Barnes_Law!

Banning Films to Flags: How 2020 Became 1984 in America https://t.co/IMvNm4gbMv

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) April 14, 2020

You can also watch to the program at infowars.com/show or AmericanCountdown.News

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