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Gaetz Wants To Tackle Climate Change With New Bill. Will His GOP Colleagues Support Him?


Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Democratic California Rep. Scott Peters have introduced a bill that they say will slow climate change and reduce super pollutants by regulating black carbon.

Gaetz is calling the “Super Pollutants Act” the real green deal, saying it’s not as extreme as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal and that it’s actually achievable. (RELATED:House Hearing Erupts After Republican Confronts Al Sharpton Over Anti-Semitic, Anti-White Remarks.) 

“My approach is not to try and create an imaginary world where we all have to fly around on flatulent free non-gender specific unicorns, but rather to take the pollutants, the toxins that create the worst impact on the environment—lets focus on those first,” said Gaetz.


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