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Georgia Judge Extends County’s Eviction Moratorium


Chief Superior Court Judge Asha Jackson of Dekalb County on Sunday issued an extension to the eviction moratorium, which would have otherwise ended after the Biden administration refused to extend it and Democrats in Congress couldn’t muster the votes to intervene.

Jackson’s order extended the ban for another 60 days.

“This emergency order is a godsend,” DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond said, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Without this local extension to the CDC moratorium, thousands of Dekalb residents faced the stark reality of having their belongings set out on the street in the midst of surging COVID-19 infection rates.”

Thurmond also said the county is looking into expanding the parameters for the county’s aid program.

On Friday, DeKalb distributed 11 percent of its $31 million allocated to assist 763 households. However, 1,657 still had pending applications to receive funding.

According to reports, only about six percent of the $710 million Georgia received from the government had been distributed to renters and landlords.

In an email DeKalb County Commissioner Ted Terry issued an email citing his agreement with Jackson’s order.

“The timing of this expanded local eviction moratorium, coupled with the crucial TLAC policy change, as the school year begin, will mean thousands of children who otherwise might be out on the street won’t experience additional barriers to the severe loss of learning impacting our education system in DeKalb,” Terry stated.

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