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GOP lawmakers calling for Dr Fauci to be removed from his post [Video]


We have been reporting steadily how Dr Anthony Fauci appears to be more and more caught in the cross-hairs of his own deceptions. This video by Liberal Hivemind details how GOP lawmakers are pressing harder and harder to have him forced to resign from his present role as Head of the Coronavirus Task Force (presently working for the Imposter Regime), or even to have him fired.

As this investigation is continuing, the hapless doctor is caught flip-flopping in his claims about everything regarding the coronavirus.

We have seen him whipsaw the narrative from diametric opposite to diametric opposite:

  • Don’t wear masks, the medical professionals need them (and wearing them won’t help you) – [So why would they help the professionals?]
  • You must wear masks at home, outside, inside, around your family, not around your family, and there is no need to wear a mask if you are vaccinated, except for the week before I told you to wear two masks instead of one, whether you were vaccinated or not
  • We will never be able to have normal contact with one another again. Get used to it.
  • It is dangerous to receive Holy Communion in Church, so do not do it…

There are so many “expert instructions” like this, all crazy as anything anyone could ever imagine and all apparently false, but never explained or put in context to show the American people any sort of continuity. 

Hidden from view, though reported by “alternative media outlets” like the Next News Network, was the connection Dr Fauci allegedly had to COVID-19 and the development of its source virus, SARS-CoV-2 itself. For a year, Dr. Fauci held the center of attention, and often was the target of a great deal of frustration because he would not ever give a humble answer when questioned. Whether the instruction was “Wear two masks” or “you do not need a mask” the very next day, he was always to be considered correct and unquestionable.

Now, to be sure, this pandemic was never a situation where someone would have all the answers about the illness and its cure right away. This is a new virus, it defied most predictions of what usually happens when an outbreak begins, and, to be sure, the likelihood that it was bioengineered is a very uncomfortable story to get honest with (as we see increasingly every day).

However, it would have been far better for the public in all possible ways, had the doctor been honest and humble from the very beginning about everything that is not known about SARS-CoV-2, and about his own connections with its development. President Trump had to move his position about COVID quite a bit from the beginning, and he did so with a bit more humility and still remained very presidential about it. Dr Fauci just flabbergasted and irritated people with the absurd and unexplained swings as he for a while became effectively the most powerful man in America.

Now that COVID appears to be moving towards its resolution, the questions about how American authorities handled it are growing, and his are the biggest. As Liberal Hivemind notes, there is a strong wish for accountability and a strong desire to make sure this sort of year-long-lying never happens to the American people again.

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