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Greg Gutfeld and the Five explode in fireworks over COVID-19 Fake News [Video]


This segment of Fox News’ Network The Five features quite a flare-up between the token liberal, Jessica Tarlov, and Dan Bongino, who got into a fiery exchange when Jessica maintained that early reporting on the COVID outbreak was racist, though the use of names like “the Kung Flu”, and “the China Virus” and other great euphemisms, some coined by President Trump and others promulgated by him and other conservatives. Dan Bongino literally blew his top over this because he, rightly, affirms that America is not racist, and our attitudes towards Chinese people because of COVID-19 did not undergo any real change.

Perhaps a few people who already had a grudge decided to make some Chinese people miserable, admittedly. But I would suggest that this sort of racism was already in place before the virus started its run. The virus may have been seen as a “see, it is all true!” moment for such people, but I neither felt, nor did I ever meet anyone who told me, that their opinion of Chinese people changed to hatred because of COVID.

The Chinese government certainly lost a lot of points with the West. Before the virus, the worst trouble the CCP found itself in with the US was over Huawei and the allegations that its hardware and software installations in American wireless companies could be used for the Chinese government to spy on the US.

(This allegation, of course, is completely unproven, and as I have written about here and here, would be sheer business suicide for the Chinese, so the likelihood of them engaging in such activity is virtually zero. I personally have worked rather extensively with Huawei cellular telecommunications hardware and software components, and there was no indication of any such facilities in their products)

The real issue is the way COVID and leftists distracted America from the real problem. They succeeded in tearing down our religious backbone, already weakened by our own laziness and decadence. However, it seems likely that those who are left in the Churches will be stronger than ever after this sort of purification.

In the same way, the news media is realizing that its blind hatred of anything and everything President Donald Trump had to say actually prevented them from covering a very real story that is now developing over one year and at least three and half million deaths later: that COVID-19 is a disease derived from a man-made virus which was funded by the National Institute of Health through the blessing and direction of Dr Anthony Fauci, and that the only reason this was never arrived at was because the media was either acting out over President Trump, or they were protecting the Deep State’s actions in China… or both.

It is most likely both.

While Fox News did give some air time to the lab leak story, it was admittedly precious little. Fox could have done so much more to hold the line on this story, as Greg Gutfeld himself now sees, but the pressure was on to call this idea “tinfoil hat” nonsense. I still get this response in discussing this issue with some people.

I wish it were tinfoil hattery. But it does not look like it is, now, does it?

Finally, in the video clip, Mr. Gutfeld makes an incredibly astute and powerful statement. Referring to the now reported upon coordination by Big Tech and other powerful people to force Trump out of office in the fraudulent 2020 election, an effort that succeeded, Gutfeld notes that this small group of very powerful people seem to be having a lot of success at getting their way, despite the wishes of the average American citizen. More than I have yet seen from such a prominent media person, Greg Gutfeld is helping draw the lines of our upcoming struggle, the one that will define whether or not we are interested in the Truth, no matter how inconvenient to ourselves it may be, or whether we wish to be mindless drones, pushed this way and that by people who think that we are only worth being pushed around, as long as it satisfies their globalist, culturally Marxist and God-less ends.

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