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Greta Thunberg Is No Malala


In 2013, a teenager from Pakistan was all over the world media. Malala Yousafzai was 15 years old when she was the victim of a shocking assassination attempt in her native Pakistan. In October the previous year she was shot in the face by Taliban fanatics for the “crime” of writing a blog in Urdu for the BBC.

After being treated at a Pakistani hospital she was transferred to Birmingham, England for specialist treatment. Fluent in English and obviously highly intelligent, she announced to the world her ambition of educating Pakistan’s girls, something the so-religious Taliban had outlawed, proving their total ignorance of the Qur’an and hadith.

Malala has a girl next door kind of charm; she went on to become the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Prize and to set up a foundation that is working not only in Pakistan but throughout the world.

Recently, a girl of about Malala’s age at that time has been thrust onto the world stage, and she too has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, although she didn’t win it. Thankfully. For the only thing Greta Thunberg has in common with Malala is fluency in English.

Rather than being an almost saintly, inspirational figure, Greta is entirely the product of powerful lobbyists, including her parents, and a compliant media. At the age of fifteen she is said to have begun “striking”, taking days out of school to protest outside the Swedish Parliament at the Government’s supposed inaction against climate change. One would have thought Sweden would benefit from climate change as it is so damned cold for most of the year.

If a schoolgirl had done this in any other country, she would have been subjected to parental discipline, either that or her parents would have been taken to court for neglecting her education. At the age of sixteen, Greta excoriated world leaders with the now classic phrase “How dare you?” Apart from two well-known alpha males who dissented audibly, all the other world leaders fell in line. After all, doesn’t every sixteen year old know better how to run the world than those irresponsible adults who have been failing lamentably for decades?

Greta has though been exposed as a puppet more than once. She is said to suffer from Asperger’s syndrome, something that is usually regarded as a handicap rather than an “gift” as she claims.

Her sailing to America to highlight the carbon footprint of the usual method of passengers traversing the Atlantic was a gimmick people soon saw through when they realised her actual carbon footprint was much greater. She travelled on a zero emissions yacht that used underwater turbines and solar power. She refused to fly because of the carbon emissions, as though a slightly built girl and her luggage would add appreciably to the carbon footprint of any aircraft. But, her two crew members flew back home, and two others took the boat back!

In September she was exposed as a “scripted mouthpiece” in the words of Steve Turley when she was unable to answer even a simple question from a friendly journalist at the United Nations.

Most controversially though, and not a little sinister, was the video put out by Canada’s Rebel Media. The man behind this outfit, Ezra Levant, is often right on the money, no more so than last month when he sent two of his reporters to Sweden to try to interview Greta. Although his team did manage to talk to her briefly, Keean Bexte was confronted by aggressive bodyguards who were clearly there not to protect Greta from physical assault but from inconvenient questions, in other words any questions that took her off-script.

There is now sufficient documentation in the public domain, from YouTube videos alone, to expose Greta not as a budding saint of the environmental movement but as a hapless pawn exploited by people and organisations that have political agendas far beyond saving the planet. In short, Greta is an exploited child who if her parents really cared about her, would be sent to college to complete her education, preferably by studying STEM rather than liberal arts.

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