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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Isaiah Washington Explains What Made Him ‘Walk Away’ From The Democratic Party


“Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington said he decided it was time to “walk away” from the Democratic Party when “something” didn’t “feel right.”

“Walking away is a sacrifice,” the 56-year-old actor shared during his recent appearance on Fox Nation’s latest episode of “Nuff Said,” per Fox News in a piece published Wednesday. (RELATED: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Tells African-Americans To Boycott Work For BLM To ‘Matter’)

“There’s a risk and there’s a penalty for it but you have to walk away when it matters…and the reason I chose to walk away from the Democratic party…is that something doesn’t feel right.” (RELATED: Will & Grace Makes A Joke About Mike Pence And His Wife’s Sex Life)

Washington continued, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I know where I come from, and if I look at the political image of the Democratic party over the last 50 years of my life since I was five…and very little has changed for my community, then I have some questions, more than questions.”

“Now I have empirical evidence that something is wrong and there is room for this walk away movement,” the “Ghost Ship” star said.

But Washington admits that he only started getting political recently and it all came about after he got invited to the White House by President Donald Trump to celebrate the First Step Act.

I voted for 44 twice. I even checked my emails in his Senate Office while lobbying for Salone to be given another chance to rebrand. Not once in 8 years was I given any support regarding Africa or the Black Agenda, but 45 invites me to the WH to celebrate the #FirstStepAct

— Isaiah Washington (@IWashington) April 1, 2019

According to the report:

The bipartisan prison reform bill reduced sentences due to “earned good time,” and “assists former prisoners in reacclimating into society upon release.

“No one asked me about my personal opinions politically or intellectually,” the TV star shared. “They didn’t care. I was a commodity and I was happy to be one. I’ve only become political since I left the White House recently.”

At one point, the actor shared that he was surprised by the reaction he got from Hollywood after he said he was leaving the Democratic Party.

“You got a lot of conservative or centric libertarian-minded people that really care about other people but they are terrified to come out of the closet and say anything that’s not in line with the Democratic party,” Washington shared. “I’m going to support the policy over the person.”