Home News Gulf Cartel Shoots At U.S. Border Patrol Agents on Rio Grande

Gulf Cartel Shoots At U.S. Border Patrol Agents on Rio Grande



MCALLEN, Texas — Gulf Cartel gunmen
fired what are believed to be AK-47s or similar weapons at U.S. Border
Patrol agents on the Rio Grande. None were injured.

The shooting took place early Friday
morning just south of Fronton, Texas. The agents were not struck by the
gunfire, however, their boat was hit several times. The U.S. Border
Patrol RGV Sector Office confirmed the incident to Breitbart Texas and
advised it would issue additional information throughout the day.

Mexican authorities responded to the
area after they received notification from the U.S. government about a
shooting just west of Los Guerra, a Tamaulipas law enforcement source
revealed to Breitbart Texas. Mexican authorities were not able to find
any gunmen but did find “signs of activity.”

The area south of Fronton is a known smuggling corridor for the Gulf Cartel that is seeing an escalation of violence as rival factions continue to fight for turf. This week, rival convoys not far Camargo shot two innocent victims in a passenger bus.

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