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Guns Stolen From Police Vehicles During Atlanta Riots


Multiple firearms believed to have been stolen from police vehicles during riots in Atlanta are still missing three weeks later, according to reports.

At least two semi-automatic rifles were taken from Georgia Tech patrol vehicles before they were incinerated by arsonists during a violent mob rampage near the College Football Hall of Fame on May 29, authorities say.

“During the civil unrest, and later rioting and looting that plagued the Zone 5 area of operations, these three vehicles were destroyed,” explained an officer in a police report obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“All three vehicles were unoccupied, and no officers were injured as a direct result of the destruction of the vehicles.”

Investigators say they believe rifles were removed from a pair of Ford Explorers at the scene before they were set ablaze.

“A second Ford Explorer parked nearby was melted by the intense heat and flames from the other two patrol vehicles,” the Journal-Constitution reports.

“Its windows were broken out and it was declared a total loss, according to the report.”

No suspects have been arrested or identified at the time of this writing.

Anyone with information about the theft is encouraged to come forward and could receive an award of up to $2,000 by providing relevant information at the Atlanta Crime Stoppers website.

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