Home News Half-Cortex slams Tulsi Gabbard over ‘present’ vote on impeachment articles

Half-Cortex slams Tulsi Gabbard over ‘present’ vote on impeachment articles



Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard for being the only House Democrat to vote “present” on impeachment articles against President Trump and refusing to take a stand.

“Today was very consequential, and to not take a stand one way or another, on a day of such great consequence to this country, I think is quite difficult,” Ocasio-Cortez told reporters after the historic vote Wednesday, adding, “We are sent here to lead.”

Rep. Gabbard (D-Hawaii) did not speak on the House floor, while most other members gave 30-second to one-minute speeches to explain or justify their stances.

During the second vote on charges of obstruction of Congress, Gabbard was seen standing against the back wall of the House chamber on the side where Republicans sit, according to Fox News.

After the presidential contender stunned House Democrats and Republicans alike by refusing to opt for or against the two articles, Gabbard released a statement explaining her decision.

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