Home News Have GM workers gotten to greedy by going on strike?

Have GM workers gotten to greedy by going on strike?



An estimated 1,200 Flint Assembly workers streamed out of the plant along Van Slyke Avenue in their cars at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, marking the beginning of the UAW’s first national strike since 2007.

The autoworkers, cheered by a large crowd of labor supporters, turned toward the UAW Local 598 union hall down the street to pick up picket signs. They lined street that snakes around the plant that builds the popular Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups.

Horns honked as union members from throughout the region arrived in Flint, the birthplace of GM and a key spot in UAW history. In fact, cars blocked Van Slyke completely as the now-striking workers left the plant.

Dominique Birdsong of Flint said she left the chassis assembly line to strike with pride.

“We need to stand strong,” she said, holding a picket sign outside a factory entrance as the strike took effect at midnight Sunday.

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