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Hawaii First, DC Last In YouGov Poll On Best States


A recent YouGov poll released Tuesday found that Americans rank Hawaii as the best state in the U.S. and the non-state city of Washington, D.C. as the worst.

The poll asked Americans to choose the better of two states in a series of head-to-head matchups. All 50 states were available for choosing, including the District of Columbia (D.C.), but not including U.S. territories. States were rated based on their “win-percentage,” or how often each state was chosen when it was placed against another state, according to YouGov.

Hawaii received the top place, with nearly 69% of Americans choosing it as a winner of the state match-ups. Washington, D.C., received the lowest percentage polling at 35%.

Here’s how Americans rank the 50 states, per YouGov.https://t.co/PRKFDASEJa pic.twitter.com/9RPQUZS5zy

— Kevin Robillard (@Robillard) April 13, 2021

Colorado took second place, polling at 65%, purportedly due to its recreational marijuana industry, hiking, and mountain views. (RELATED: Wisconsin Being Ranked As The 38th Best State Is America Is Criminal)

The two lowest-rated states behind the District of Columbia were Alabama and Mississippi, respectively. Both states polled at 38% compared to D.C.’s 35%. The low polling is said to be due to low income and health care access across the state.

A total of 1,211 US adults were chosen for the YouGov poll over a period of a few days from March 12-15, according to YouGov. Respondents were given seven different match-ups between states and asked: “Which of the following states is better?”

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