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HIGHLIGHTS: Ohio State Beats Wisconsin 38-7


The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Wisconsin Badgers 38-7 on Saturday afternoon.

RAPID REACTION: Ohio State blows out Wisconsin. I’m embarrassed for my Badgers. Absolutely humiliating. pic.twitter.com/No5b72L0FN

— David Hookstead (@dhookstead) October 26, 2019

As I’ve talked about a ton, I’d been super excited for this game. This was supposed to be Wisconsin’s redemption game after our embarrassing loss to Illinois last week.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ohio State was better at every single position on the field. Justin Fields was every bit as good as advertised and then some. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

We simply didn’t have answers anywhere on the field. The Buckeyes torched the best defense in America. Literally, they lined up against the top defense in America and handled it down the stretch.

Halftime: Ohio State 10, Wisconsin 0pic.twitter.com/Uoy1Tl0jME

— Big Ten Network (@BigTenNetwork) October 26, 2019

I honestly don’t know what to tell anybody who thinks OSU isn’t the best team in America. Chase Young is a freak of nature, Fields might be the best quarterback in America and the entire offense is loaded. The defense might honestly be better than Wisconsin’s. The Buckeyes are that good.

Outside of one pass off of a blocked punt, Wisconsin just couldn’t move the ball at all.

Halftime: Ohio State 10, Wisconsin 0pic.twitter.com/Uoy1Tl0jME

— Big Ten Network (@BigTenNetwork) October 26, 2019

Where does Wisconsin go from here? I honestly have no idea. We took a licking today at the hands of the Buckeyes and it’s that simple.

Props to me for admitting it. No matter what happens going forward, we simply have to be better. Can we still make the B1G title game? I have no idea, but we simply have to play a better brand of football than we have these past two weeks. Absolutely terrible.

Herb Brooks is rolling over in his grave at this game, and I don’t blame him. We have to find a way to improve or we won’t beat a good team down the stretch, let alone a great team.

Am I embarrassed as a Wisconsin fan? No. OSU is the best team in America and we played tough for the first half. I’ll never be satisfied with a loss, but we simply played a better team today.

At some point, you have to look in the mirror and face reality. The fat lady is singing and all I have left to do is dance.

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