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Hollywood Celebrities Demand Nationwide Protests over Roe v. Wade: ‘Take to the Streets’


Hollywood celebrities urged their fans to take to the streets in protest after an unprecedented leak of U.S. Supreme Court documents showed the high court is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Stars including Amy Schumer, Mark Ruffalo, Bette Midler, Rosanna Arquette, Busy Phillips, and Amber Tamblyn vented their anger and despair on social media, with some attacking the court itself and singling out Justice Samuel Alito as a right-wing “radical.”

“Take to the streets,” Amber Tamblyn wrote.

“Get your dirty Nazi boots off our wombs,” Rosanna Arquette demanded.

The case is about “white supremacy and power hungry politicians attempting to keep systems of oppression in place,” Busy Philipps wrote.

The Supreme Court was expected to issue its ruling shortly in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.. But the shocking leak to Politico has upended what has historically been a sacrosanct process. Perhaps coincidentally, the leak has given Democrats a new rallying cry as well as a much-needed fundraising boost.

Hulu’s Life and Beth star Amy Schumer urged her fans to protest in their local towns on Tuesday.

Actress Busy Phillips also urged local protests. “Be angry. Be loud. Be outraged. But most of all SHOW THE FUCK UP.”


Actress Amber Tamblyn urged her fellow New Yorkers to “take to the streets.”

NEW YORK: take to the streets. https://t.co/Ra1NFD6qGK

— Amber Tamblyn (@ambertamblyn) May 3, 2022

Girls star and Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate Lena Dunham attacked pro life Americans as people who “are using faux humanist rhetoric to disguise what they truly are: anti-choice.”

Predator star Olivia Munn called for a heartbeat bill for woman.

Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks pushed her three and a half million followers to protest. She’s also still ranting about “irresponsible ejaculations.”

Disney-Marvel’s The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo blamed Justice Samuel Alito.

Forced birth & illegal abortions across state lines is backwards & cruel. The Supreme Court has BECOME the division. Thanks to Alito & his ilk of RW radicals, who are toxic to the Court’s impartiality. Based on his arguments, the Supreme Court is strictly political now. https://t.co/0PTmxcVovG

— Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) May 3, 2022

Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis posted Helen Reddy’s “I AM WOMAN” to her Instagram account.


The Good Place star Jameela Jamil released and a lengthy rant in which she urged her followers to “start organizing” and elect pro-abortion lawmakers.

Rosanna Arquette tweeted “get your dirty Nazi boots off our wombs.”

Get your Dirty NAZI boots off our wombs

— ✌🏼rosanna arquette (@RoArquette) May 3, 2022

Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2 star Bette Midler inaccurately claimed that Roe v. Wade is “settled law” and “guaranteed by the Constitution.”

#RoeVWade has been settled law, guaranteed by the Constitution for 50 years; the 14th Amendment to the document that is the foundation of our country’s laws. If they strike down this amendment, what is to stop them striking down others that conservatives don’t agree with?

— bettemidler (@BetteMidler) May 3, 2022

TNT’s Animal Kingdom star Ellen Barkin praised Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who said in an interview that she is “angry and upset and determined!”

This is the only proper response https://t.co/MC3gKzOVlP

— Ellen Barkin (@EllenBarkin) May 3, 2022

Comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted, “I both can’t and can believe this is happening.”

The idea of wearing masks to protect others or get a vaccine was met with My Body My Choice. But when it comes to people with uteruses having autonomy over their bodies… I both can’t and can believe this is happening. They’ve been leading up to this for years. More on Thurs pod

— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) May 3, 2022

Fellow comedian Chelsea Handler bizarrely brought up the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill in reaction to the SCOTUS leak.

It’s amazing how horrified Republicans are at the leaking of a Supreme Court opinion yet have nothing to say on an actual organized assault on our Capitol, that their own party had a hand in, where actual people were murdered, and that their president organized. Sickening.

— Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) May 3, 2022

Seinfeld writer Larry Charles blamed Democrats, who he claimed “knew this was coming” and did little to stop Republicans.

The democrats knew this was coming. But they let unqualified right wing judges take over SCOTUS and unqualified right wing politicians attempt to overthrow their own government and get away with it. Now they’re crying, ‘what should we do?’ #RoeVsWade https://t.co/oIgWqBYW0U

— Larry Charles (@larrycharlesism) May 3, 2022

No Time to Die actor Jeffrey Wright used the occasion to bizarrely tweet about the Scottish government.

From the Scottish Government’s Equality Outcomes, with regard to pregnancy and maternity…

“Pregnancy is one of the key triggers that increase the risk of women living in poverty, particularly where they are lone parents.”https://t.co/s5V9MwHZPS

— Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright) May 3, 2022

Disney’s Encanto star John Leguizamo urged Congress to pack the Supreme Court and put Roe v. Wade into law.

Get it done! Before they do us in! pic.twitter.com/blO69gg73m

— John Leguizamo (@JohnLeguizamo) May 3, 2022

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