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Hypocrite Sacha Baron Cohen demands more Internet Censorship


Sacha Baron Cohen, receiving an award by the ADL, gave this speech in favor of complete Big Tech censorship of free expression. Like every other woke mainstream stooge, among other subjects, he accused the big social media platforms of facilitating the dissemination of fake news and of allowing foreign powers to influence [US] elections, but of course he has no problem with AIPAC doing the same, and no problem with the mainstream media spewing fake news. Cohen had to invoke Hitler and the nazis to argue his case against fake news, because it would be politically incorrect to invoke US-sponsored terrorist actions, direct and indirect operations, against countries like Cuba, Chile, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc [the list is so, so long]. No, if you do that, you’re a Russian agent. Below you can hear his pathetic speech. Feel free to share my meme.


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