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Hysteria: Parents Wear Garbage Bags, Spray Students With Disinfectant After Coronavirus Scare


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Parents say they’ve been given no information after school employee quarantined

Parents in Memphis, Tennessee, were filmed taking extra precautions after an employee at an elementary school was quarantined after coming into contact with someone infected with coronavirus.

Footage Tuesday shows at least on parent of Treadwell Middle School student showed up covered in a makeshift hazmat suit created from plastic bags, while another man sprayed his son in the face with disinfectant.

Parents say they’ve been given little to no information about a Shelby County Schools employee, reportedly an employee at both the elementary and middle schools, who’s been placed on a 14-day quarantine.

“They ain’t giving us no up to date about what’s going on,” the woman covered in plastic bags told Fox 13 Memphis. “We don’t know.”

The employee is one of 70 people in Shelby County currently being quarantined, but is reportedly not currently sick.

After analyzing various vectors the corona-virus has taken, and looking at the hysteria being amplified and promoted by the main stream media; Alex Jones has looked the events being covered up, including the wide open border and the lowering death rate and concluded that the deep state along with China have manufactured this crisis to try and bring down Trump. Fear is their weapon and once you see the light, you can not longer be controlled.

Remember, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll need storable food, but WHEN!

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