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‘I Was Out Of Control’: Jim Belushi Opens Up About What Led To ‘SNL’ Firing


Legendary comedian Jim Belushi opened up about what led to him being fired from “Saturday Night Live” in the mid-1980s and admitted he was “out of control” at the time.

“Very simple: I was out of control,” the 67-year-old actor shared during his interview with Vulture magazine. The comments were noted by Fox News in a piece published Monday.

The “SNL” star was part of the hit cast of the late-night sketch comedy series between 1983 and 1985. He shared that the best thing that could have happened to him was when he was fired from the show at one point during those two years because it got him to stop drinking.

Talking with @hoglundan, @JimBelushi on his experience being fired — then rehired — for SNL, his film career, and the cannabis industry https://t.co/SfbZt6E7Eh

— Vulture (@vulture) July 14, 2021

“It was the best thing to ever happen to me,” Belushi shared. “I was out of my mind. I was throwing a fire extinguisher at Dick Ebersol [executive producer], a hissy fit. ‘SNL’ is the hardest thing I ever did, and that’s including divorce.” (RELATED: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 46 Kickoff Scores Highest Ratings For Debut In Four Years)

“I survived it, barely,” he added. “I went back to him [Ebersol] with my tail between my legs. I drop the ego, I got humble. I stopped drinking the rest of that season.”

“Dick put me in my place, rightfully, and had the courage to do it,” the “K-9” star continued. “I came back; I begged [him] for forgiveness, and he put me on probation. My wife at the time said, ‘You thrive on probation. You were on probation from freshman to senior year of high school. You operate better with boundaries.’”

The “Red Heat” star joined the show after his brother, late-comedian, John Belushi became part of the original cast of “SNL” in 1975. (RELATED: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hits Worst Ratings Ever Following Boost In Numbers After Elon Musk’s Hosting)

James said his brother walked away from the comedy show after four years and never looked back.

“John did four years and he quit,” the “Curly Sue” star shared. “I said, ‘What the f—, man? What are you quitting for?’ He said, ‘Jim, it’s like high school: Senior year, you’ve got to move on.’ And I felt like I was in my sophomore year, and the second semester that year I finally got it. Then I didn’t come back because Lorne [Michaels] came.”

John Belushi died in 1982 from a drug-related accident, the outlet noted. He was 33.