Home News Ilhan Omar claims the republican party is responsible for ‘hateful, sinful rhetoric’

Ilhan Omar claims the republican party is responsible for ‘hateful, sinful rhetoric’



On Sunday, Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) appeared on MSNBC with Joy Reid to discuss a number of topics. One of the topics that naturally came up (because it is MSNBC, after all) is the fact that the “white supremacy signs” were held up at the Army/Navy game. And by these so-called ” white supremacy signs” they mean the “okay sign.”

According to Omar, these “signs” are dangerous and it’s the Republican Party’s fault.

“Hateful, sinful rhetoric is dangerous and its becoming synonymous with the Republican Party. They have refused to condemn and distance themselves from members within their party that have threatened my life and the lives of others, that have caused the deaths of other people in this country who follow their message and have put their names of our president and many of the Republican leaders in their manifestos as they have taken innocent lives,” Omar explained. “But what we have to remember is we don’t have to be that. We don’t have to be that country.”

Omar said her message “has always been love Trump’s hate” and that there’s “enough compassion to go around.”

The Congresswoman said she recently sent a letter to a judge who is in the process of determining how to sentence someone who threatened to kill Omar. In the letter, she asked the judge to “really think about what kind of message we want to send.”

“We want redemption for people,” she explained. “I believe people can be rehabilitated and it’s really important for us to send a message to the younger generation, that we want you back.”

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