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Ilhan Omar Showed the World Her Allegiance and It’s Not to the USA


A misconception many have is that every surname, every family or lineage has a coat of arms which is untrue. Nations and prominent families have a coat of arms that is permitted to be worn or used only of the people belonging to that bloodline or during leadership positions that allow them to use it when it’s the coat of arms of a nation.

Many believe they have the right to wear the coat of arms because of their name and or lineage but that is also untrue. In fact, in England there are laws that regulate who can or cannot use the coat of arms in an official and unofficial (such as decorative) capacity.

There are nations like the United States of America that hold a coat of arms or crest that represent the President of the United States and or their states. The only ones allowed to wear, dawn, or use the official seal/coat of arms of the Office of the President are the President, cabinet members, and all objects and or affiliated authorized equipment or attire that adorn it.

The Presidential Seal is the official symbol of the office of the President of the United States. It includes the President’s coat of arms, an eagle on the great seal, a ring of stars and the words, Seal of the President of the United States.


Each Seal or Coat of Arms representing a nation or entity tells a story.

  • The ribbon held “E Pluribus Unum” – “Out of Many One”
  • In the right talon clutch we have 13 olives and 13 leaves for peace
  • In the left talon clutch we have 13 arrows indicating war is used
  • The two talons balance peace through war or war through peace
  • There are 13 of such in each talon clutch representing the 13 colonies
  • The shield adorned by the eagle is depicting our colonies with the 13 stripes
  • The blue banding binds the 13 stripes into one nation under the same laws
  • The eagle has a crown or halo of gold indicating power
  • There are 13 clouds indicating a nation under God
  • There are 13 stars – 9 of which are above the ribbon and 4 are below
First Presidential Seal: George Washington Seal of The President

In the United States, wearing the Presidential Seal or using it without explicit permission is considered impersonation and is indeed a crime. Though, there are cases where citizens of the United States wear the seal on t-shirts or pins to show their love of country and or loyalty to their nation. U.S. laws permit the usage of the seal in such a capacity and criminal laws are applied when intentional impersonation or using the seal to deceive another and or cause harm to your nation is observed.

By law in Somalia, the coat of arms is ONLY allowed to be adorned by those that are government officials, in other words working in a capacity for the nation of Somalia or on OFFICIAL Somali items such as stationary, government identification and money.

A medallion is given to those that represent the Somali nation to be worn in order for the citizens to be able to recognize authority and or leaders of their nation. It is one of the highest honors a Somali can receive and one may wear it only as long as they serve their nation. Somalia actually has staunch laws punishing those than wear the coat of arms without permission.

During a horrific press conference riddled with Anti-Semitic rhetoric, crocodile tears, and lies, Ilhan Omar – who represents Minnesota (which is a state in the United States of America), wore a t-shirt with the U.S. flag as lips (which I found insulting) which was purposeful to dawn her Somali crest and the golden country of Somalia necklace. Symbolism will always be their downfall when it is identified.

Ilhan Omar, who is supposed to be serving the United States of America, showed the world in her press conference that her loyalty is that to the nation of Somalia. When watching the press conference and listening to the anti-Semitic statements, blatant lies (meeting with The Knessett? They don’t have record of that!), and riddled with disdain for our alliance, I could not take my eyes off of the medallion ONLY official members of the Somali government are allowed to wear.

In the past Omar has had Freudian slips indicating what nation she really considers home. The City Council in her district had even BANNED the Pledge of Allegiance from being recited during their meetings.

LISTEN CLOSELY to @IlhanMN freudian slip here when she got back to MSP last night.

So does she identify as an American or a Somalian?

What say you? Plz share your Point of View pic.twitter.com/qhDVsnSQiT

— Chris Berg (@chrisbergPOVNOW) July 19, 2019

How is a person who shows loyalty to another nation while openly mocking our nation and our people sitting in our House of Congress? As an American citizen, I was filled with anger and sadness that this woman purposely wore the shirt she chose and showcased her Somali loyalty in a Press Conference she knew would make its way into almost every household around the globe.

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