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Illegal Aliens Pack New York DMVs After State Allows Driver’s Licenses For All


‘This is all a power grab for the ballot box in New York, trying to give illegals the right to vote,’ says NY clerk

Massive droves of illegal aliens are lining up at DMVs across New York to obtain newly-minted driver’s licenses after the state passed a law allowing illegals to obtain them.

Photos across social media show long lines of illegals streaming to various Department of Motor Vehicle buildings across New York trying to acquire driver’s licenses.

WOW! Hundreds of people lined up outside the Brooklyn DMV office to apply for driver’s licenses on the day that the new #GreenLightNY law takes effect. @MaketheRoadNY @GreenLightNYDT pic.twitter.com/66KAAgbt9F

— Daniel Altschuler ? (@altochulo) December 16, 2019

The so-called Green Light Law, signed by Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this year, allows anyone to apply for a driver’s license regardless of immigration status and does not require a Social Security number.

Cuomo makes me SICK! Check out the line outside of the DMV in Queens!

Most are illegals who are now allowed to apply for a driver’s license thanks to the green light law!

He legalized infanticide & now this? County clerks in upstate are furious! pic.twitter.com/mVx2udavUP

— MICHELLE❤KAG?????? (@Winning45KAG) December 16, 2019

Scenes from DMV in The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island for Driver’s Licenses. What a beautiful day! #GreenLightNY #SiSePudo pic.twitter.com/UVFDZqkPsF

— Javier H. Valdés ? (@javierhvaldes) December 16, 2019

The law also prohibits employees at auto bureaus from reporting illegal aliens attempting to obtain driver licenses to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Lines to apply for New York driver’s licenses go as far as around the block on the first day undocumented immigrants can apply for them https://t.co/ez6Ca3jxbe pic.twitter.com/7ogsYdTPDb

— The Hill (@thehill) December 16, 2019

DMV in Riverhead, NY. pic.twitter.com/8zY5F059CI

— Mike (@FuctupMike) December 16, 2019

Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns argued that the new law allowing illegals to obtain driver’s licenses was an unconstitutional “power grab” that Democrats will leverage to commit voter fraud.

“This is all a power grab for the ballot box in New York, trying to give illegals the right to vote,” Kearns told Fox News on Saturday.

“So we are going to have voter fraud in New York state, and now New York state has given the clerks an edict to stands down. I’m not standing down. I will do whatever I can to stop voter fraud.”

Kearns also added that the new law is unconstitutional and will only make New Yorkers less safe.

“My concern is that, after 9/11, New York state put a prohibition on illegals having driving licenses and now with REAL ID in 2005 after we were attacked there will be a gap from today to Oct. 1 that anyone who is here illegally can get into a federal building and can fly on our airplanes and cross our border.”

“I am now going to have to accept a report card from a foreign country and…a foreign passport as authenticated documents. I myself as the clerk am going to have to do that,” he continued.

“We used to have to rely on a third party, the fed government, to do that so they have diminished a New York driver’s license, and we are very concerned for our safety and security because western New York is a border to Canada.”

As we’ve reported, Democrats have been exploiting illegal immigrants for political gain at least since 2016, which is why the left is so hell-bent on granting amnesty to all illegal aliens in the U.S., including the ones still illegally entering the country.

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